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just a little doodle i came up with on the bass…...hoping to get a LIVE drum track ??


boa. nice+1
ooh funkeee+1
June 06 2014 22:40:22
nuno1959 You know me : your friendly cross between funky human & always hungry piranha DNA ! ;) +0
You're a good man :-) and very musically prolific:-)and into this I like to upload the drums+1
June 06 2014 22:41:28
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Appreciate the compliment & YES - feel free to add drums TO ANY of my drum box driven traxcks !! ;)
Drum boxes are SO boring but if one has nothing else...
June 07 2014 04:14:49
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I know this before I bought microphones I also had only machine. +0
Great template that has all the elements and rocks.
Well done!
June 09 2014 22:38:29
nuno1959 Lenny has added a NICE live drum track, oh man…what a difference it makes ! ;) +0
June 21 2014 06:05:31
nuno1959 Cheers Capt…. +0
I dig this+1
June 21 2014 07:29:59
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, appreciated ! ;) +2
ring tone material (where the money is) ;) tone is ace :)+1
June 25 2014 20:12:34
nuno1959 A couple of ''ooops moments'' but…yeah, i think overall it came out a cool jam ;)
Glad you enjoyed it !
:) nice one, on my list+1
December 01 2014 06:29:19
nuno1959 Cool !! The more the better ! ;) +1
I`m burned now. Needed to wear a winter hat last day on the roof I have been working with:D+0
WOW!!!!! THis is awesome funky bass !!! job well done man!+0

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