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I was kinda imagining the beauty and chaos inside an atom. The tension and the patterns inside all matter. Just a simple chord sequence, but within it are some fractured sounds that evolve over 3 acts.
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Ambient, Eletronica, Glitchy, Atomic


Very imaginative! I like the pingpong panning - does conjure up the idea of an atom or electron!+2
December 16 2019 14:19:11
DanDiplo Yeah, I'm not real sure of the physics, but this is how I *imagine* it would be :) +0
Perfect! Great sequencer work - nice chord progression, I can hear a bit of Tangerine Dream...;)+2
December 16 2019 14:21:16
CI Section
DanDiplo Thanks, Tangerine where one of the true pioneers of electronic music, so I'll take that :) +1
Super -love this :-)+1
Thank you for this great tripp between time and space. So catchy :D;)<3+1
I like how this builds dan :) sound good to me+1
Excellent Dan!! very creative song!! :o:D+1
Very cool Dan-thanks for the description as it helps in visualizing the picture you paint here-love it :W<3:W
Cool composition Dan! B) :)+1
Cool track DanDiplo! Going in with some organic bass :O+1
Very cool track DanDiplo. As you know, matter is not really solid, but particles dancing around in patterns just like this.+1
December 16 2019 14:21:58
DanDiplo That's my impression! Thanks +0
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