Bad Finger Blues

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Awesome Jam Mika, Xavi, and David:W Well not sure what I was thinking here playing my bass, my finger hurt like crazy:o Good news, I am finally going in for hand surgery this this Thursday, so I figured I may as well go for it now:D:D It will be sometime before I touch the guitar again, so I decided to "grin and bear it" for a few last jams!!! Two bass lines here, a standard line and a lead ...


Great job, best wishes on your surgery my friend :W<3:W+2
December 16 2019 01:38:17
mortheol Hi Don, good to see you my friend:D
I am just blowing off some steam before I can play again:W
nice bass Ron,heres wishing you a speedy recovery after your surgery buddy,I went thru an opp on my right hand a few years ago,had a splint on for few months,guitar cold turkey!!take care buddy<3+2
December 16 2019 01:40:45
mortheol Hi Pete, good to see:W
I have a small tumor in my left index finger that keeps growing and pressing on my nerve:( Time for it to go. It is below the first knuckle on the palm side so whatever I do I am pressing on it and it hurts like hell:o
So I figured I may as well get a few more jams in. After a few beers the pain is not so bad..:D
<3<3 Awesome my dear amigo Ron,I appreciate that you have played in this piece, I know what you can feel right now, and I wish the best for you, always in my heart :W:W ...You know I'll be waiting for you :)+1
December 16 2019 02:33:41
mortheol Hey Xavi...thank you very much my Dear Friend<3
I wanted to get a few more jams in with my friends:D
I will be back soon;):W
December 16 2019 02:34:55
ivax <3 :D:D +1
Awesome jam my friend:D<3 best of luck for the op, I hope you are still able to wrap the Christmas prezzies?:D:D:D we will all wait for your return, take care Ron:D:D+1
Great bass playin Ron, mega track !! :W :D :W
Awesome work here guys !! :W :W :W
Suffering for art its called! Great playing :D+1
What a lineup! Damn good bass! It's like a warm hug for the rest of the sounds. Well done Sire. 1:37. Good luck with surgery. We are waiting for your return!+1
January 28 2020 19:26:26
mortheol I missed your comment Dirk :o
Surgery has been over and I am back..LOL
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