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...this is me messing about... LOADS of mistakes, but that tends to happen when i just sit down and hit the red button with no rehersal or idea of where im going. HOWEVER! i have learned that to go back and start correcting stuff when you're just having fun seems to rob everything of just! so here is tonight's fun, warts and all. two guitars and a bass over a great fun bossa template. find your place to fit ...


it was a wise decision of you not to correct anything in your game, because it is very cool what you are doing :)+1
fantastic :)+1
December 17 2019 11:43:50
kimbo Doesn’t really do your template justice. But it was not intended as a “tune”, more an extension to the rhythm carpet you laid. Like I say, too many errors to count, but, I think, still a nice carpet for people to roll around on. :) +0
Yeah! What a funny track!+0
December 17 2019 11:46:09
kimbo Go enjoy yourself on it.... +1
Back passage? Shaggers? Hmmm wonder what you've got on your mind? No matter this is excellent music. so well played and mixed.+0
December 17 2019 11:45:43
kimbo .....well played......NOT🤣 +0
December 17 2019 18:56:08
Wade Begging to differ! If it works for me it can also work for others. I'm often surprised at the tracks I've played on that I like and others don't and vice versa. It's in the ear of the beholder... +1
December 17 2019 20:09:38
kimbo NO... there's definatly LOADS of mistakes that i wouldnt normally let go ...but, hey stuff happens live, and you cant edit that. ;) +1
really fun track!+0
groooovy baybeee!! Nice jam!! :W:W+0
December 18 2019 00:48:01
kimbo jump in bro! +0
December 18 2019 00:49:45
kimbo dunno why it doesnt show my bass part in the illustration thingy... mix twooooo guitars and bass. but only mix n guitar showing...hmmm +0
:D :Y :D
Very cool Kimbo, big fun listening :D
December 29 2019 00:05:28
kimbo far too many mistakes in such a simple thing... but if people can use it.... great. +1
December 29 2019 12:35:35
frankyguitar Yes, but think this is not a site for only perfect played and produced music. It's for people who love music Kimbo, also imperfect (like the most stuff of me), my humble opinion :) Cheers +0

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