The Devil's Kiss

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Needs bass and some guitar fills
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Unplugged, Acoustic, Guitar, Folk, Lightfoot


Wow this is awesome plenty of room for adds Gerry!! this needs Keiths Bass and RobJol- or Frankie J :)
Fantastic guitar and vocals, super lyrics.
December 17 2019 06:24:52
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, that's so nice of you. This is my favorite style of music so I'm glad you liked it too <3<3:W:) +1
December 17 2019 06:28:18
deezee You know- I love listening to just you and your guitar.. Yeah
It shows..<3
Should get lots of adds.. No deleting!!:D
December 17 2019 06:32:53
bluvation That would be nice Dorothy, thank you! and I won't give it the devil's kiss lol!:D +1
December 17 2019 06:40:25
deezee :P +1
Really nice song with great lyrics that seem timely. Great work.+1
December 17 2019 16:03:35
bluvation Thanks Dan :W +0
Really nice song Gerry!!! :W Gordon would like it! :D+1
December 17 2019 17:13:09
bluvation Thanks Ernie, your bass add is awesome, thanks for enhancing my song, it sounds great! I really appreciate it:W +1
December 17 2019 17:14:43
Ernie440 Most welcome, enjoyed .. a bit different for me, love it bro! ;) +1
December 17 2019 17:25:06
bluvation You wear your different genre hat well Ernie, you fell right into my Lightfoot trap :D:) +0
super lyrics nice job on this song:)+1
December 17 2019 18:18:56
bluvation Thanks Mike appreciated!:W:) +1
wow what a awesome vocal and text Gerry...;););)+1
December 17 2019 18:19:45
bluvation Thank you Nils, glad you liked it:W:):) +1
Excelent song man!!+1
December 17 2019 18:39:59
bluvation Thanks Demian :W:) +1
Outstanding performance <3+1
December 17 2019 23:20:29
bluvation Thanks so much Tu <3 +0
Ouah ! great vocal performance , like the lyrics too+1
December 18 2019 18:51:49
bluvation Thanks ERWAN, glad you like it :W +1
Great work on this Gerry-big Gordon fan here buddy so really like your style on this as well as the story telling aspect. <3<3<3
Key of D-nice choice my friend<3
December 18 2019 20:33:07
bluvation 'D' Noted for future recordings buddy! These 'like' similarities are getting scary, add D and Gordon to the list :D:D
You have a life long invitation on each and all of my songs buddy but I know you already knew that <3<3
So great creative work here ! I enjoy !+1
December 19 2019 22:04:52
bluvation Thank you kindly :W:) +1

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