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I have the heavy mission to be the home of this special collaboration from the PinkTrio Girl Gang. It is hand made with our 6 feet and 30 toes in a very girly unorganized way. That's what happens when nobody really takes any clear decision. And it works ! (can someone tell the leaders of our planet that it works ?) A million thanks to Anne Cozean and Moonchild. More to come from our band, very soon... or not but one ...
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A Tumbs Up from me for your 6 feet and 30 toes!:D:Y:W+3
Wow this is great! Looking forward to more from this collaboration :) Do you have a bpm on this by any chance?+3
December 21 2019 11:07:46
marmotte haha, no BPM of course, only a BPT (T for toes) ;) +1
Oh very nice indeed Girls, I’m entranced<3<3<3 for each of you+2
............that's my christmass, right three favorite lady singers :D this track is gonna go WILD!+2
downloaded and started as "...chicka bomb bomb bomb"
....well...... its gotta get some aint it?
Wonderful work from this awesome girls band - said so on #177758 already :) A Christmas present, wow - merci! :) In my list of "greatest hits" :)+2
catchy song entièrement bruitée à la bouche ;) nice cohesion of you three !+2
Absolute beautiful Ladies.
Makes me think of the Swingle singers.

December 20 2019 11:07:10
TEE-KWA What beautiful clear toned voices +1
The Chicky's Ladie's Loop's
Really great and original, well done, not easy to achieve from a distance I think
Then you can bring together all the WL singers and do a live, or a video to start in this style ... Thank you :)
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