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more messin' about... sat down and started to work on the "ladies" file.... got stuck, so thought i'de just have a play with some samples and notes and my guitar (twice)... before i knew what had happend i had a carpet that's cool enough for others to practice with... enjoy. ok, i've just uploaded bass, drums, keys, and guitars as seperate downloadables so you can remix and add from whatever point you want. obviously the drums, and keys are programmed.. the bass ...


Maximum cool! Great music, great bluesy jazzy guitar playing!! :W:W Bummer it has bass but still .. sounds wicked!! :D:D+1
December 21 2019 10:11:50
kimbo tell me what parts you want, where you want them sent, and ill remix for you to join.
your bass lines are always welcome.
December 21 2019 10:49:39
kimbo ....sorted. look at the remixes. xx +1
groooovy little number this one kimbo :) i can tell you had a whole lotta fun :)+1
Wow, Kimbo, that's music! Really enjoyed that jazzy piece of music!+0
December 21 2019 10:10:25
kimbo glad you like ... your turn now +0
Cool mate :Y :W+0
December 21 2019 10:09:48
kimbo thanks for the listen. +0
Excellent colleague! You've got a super cool rhythm with the guitar and the base is excellent too! 👏👏👏+0
Nice bed for musical fun ;)+0
December 21 2019 11:17:38
kimbo come in ..... get under the covers! +1
December 21 2019 11:18:52
OliVBee Out of town for now ! ;) +0
Very cool Kimbo, and a good idea too! Sounds fantastic and smooth :W. Regarding the single files, very cool to do so!! It would have been even better if you'd include a count in at the beginning of the single tracks, otherwise lining things up get's difficult.+0
December 21 2019 12:52:45
kimbo no they all fit exactly... the start point is always the same even if its blank for a couple of bars. +1
December 21 2019 12:56:08
TeeGee they probably do, but if you were to use if for whatever, having a short count in is the best way of doing it...only takes a few seconds to do it. Anyhooo what's up Kimbo, how is the winter treating you? +0
December 21 2019 12:58:21
kimbo workshop flooded 2 days ago, whole town underwater as well... carnage!
never seen rain like it!
but as you said on the shoutbox...loops, home, beer....whats not to like? :D
December 21 2019 13:05:56
TeeGee wow what a bummer for the workshop...hopefully not too much damage. +0
December 21 2019 13:06:58
kimbo naaah... sorted +1
Good to see you getting some recognition for this fine track.+0
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