Cold Finger Blues

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It's no joke .. my fingers are cold! :O haha True story, great blues jam from Tom .. added some low end .. fun thanks! :W:D
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blues jam, cold finger blues


If that's how you play with cold fingers gonna go stick mine out in the snow-:D this is great as usual.:W
Ok-tried the cold finger thing but still play like, well, me.:D:D:D
We had 4 degrees F this morning on this side of the bay bro':o:o
Merry Christmas bro'<3
December 21 2019 18:58:20
Ernie440 Jeeeeeeeeez that is cold man .. I guess it was here too, I didn't look but there wasn't much wind last night which was a blessing. Well my fingers aren't freezing, they're just cold and will be until at least mid April, meanwhile my brother is relaxing in Mexico .. oh well .. the cold keeps us fresh brotha!! LOL Merry Christmas to you too buddy!! :)<3:W +2
Well, you have cold fingers and I have old fingers... but great job anyway, Mr Smooth :)+2
December 22 2019 01:03:13
Ernie440 Thanks amigo, much appreciated .. just had to look .. March 1960 ... you're just a boy!! :D:D Great add good buddy!! +1
Smooth as can be Ernie. I don't know why everyone is talking about cold though!!:D+2
December 22 2019 13:45:53
Ernie440 cuz not everyone live in f'ing TX man .. lol! :D Thanks buddy. +1
Plain satisfying to the ears :D<3:D+1
December 21 2019 19:04:58
Ernie440 You got thirsty ears Tu, just like that old Powder Blues song, you might remember it ... Canadian band I think. Thanks kindly!!! :D:D:D +1
North east cold fingers blues :W awesome still+1
December 21 2019 21:28:35
Ernie440 thank ya brotha! :);) +0
No need to Get in front of the fireplace brother Ernie. Stil sounds perfect:D :W+1
December 22 2019 13:45:21
Ernie440 thanks Tom!! :) +1
yeah thats a fantastic Blues bass Ernie...;););)+1
December 23 2019 09:42:10
Ernie440 thanks Nils ;) +1
December 23 2019 09:41:58
Ernie440 :):)<3 +0
Won't tell yo how nice it is on the other side of the world... If the cold can inspire and keep you playing well...well that's OK too!+1
December 23 2019 09:41:47
Ernie440 :D Ok, thanks and glad you didn't tell me! :) +1
December 23 2019 09:40:58
Ernie440 Merry Christmas Jussef!! :) +0

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