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Did some experimenting on the Kronos this evening. Wanted to know how i can get the routing of the Kronos of the audio outputs to seperate channels..... could come in handy when doing live shows and i want to sent a click/drum track to only the in-ears of the other musicians.... And now i know.... So here i a track i played realtime with a click on my in-ears and triggering some different drumtrack while playing the structure.... not perfect but ...


Great template Marc! and technical trick!+2
December 26 2019 02:57:25
Marceys Glad you like it Mario! The technical trick is something that is used a lot by Kronos players and i assume other workstations too with various audio outputs that can be routed!
I mostly spend my time on the actually playing instead of using all the extra options! :)
December 26 2019 10:56:11
GlezBass The technological instruments, especially the keyboards and workstation, the MIDI technology, the virtual instruments ... sometimes it consumes us time on our fundamental mission .... to make music he he he, soon we will call ourselves "technicians in edition and musical technology" more that musicians dry ha ha ha ha :) +1
Lots of "Wow" factor in this. Great sound and spread.+2
December 25 2019 12:17:09
Marceys Big sound in that Korg board! :) 9 engines running at the same time! :) +1
Bravo ! Really good template Marc !+1
December 25 2019 00:36:42
Marceys Thanks! Big sound! +0
December 25 2019 00:37:09
Marceys Enjoyed the play! Glad you like it! :) +0
Impresive! Love this track Marc! <3+1
December 26 2019 02:58:24
Marceys Glad you like it! A tender playfield! +1
December 26 2019 08:43:34
Andri It's time to be quiet and create jewelry. I loved this one. <3 +1
December 28 2019 06:59:03
Marceys Huge sounds running at the same time! :) +1
Makes me wanna say “far out, dude” 🤪 I feel cosmic listening to this stuff!+1
December 28 2019 07:00:49
Marceys Cosmic is a word that fits this sound real good! Flying around a bit through the universe and hearing this in the background.... cool scenery! :) +1
liking these sounds Marc :)+1
December 28 2019 07:01:35
Marceys Glad you do Shi, enjoyed it too! :) +1
Great synth sounds Marc :W This could be my next challenge ;)+1
January 13 2020 23:06:55
Marceys Thanks and you did challenge in a great way! :) +1
January 16 2020 19:23:08
Marceys Glad you like it! Thanks! :) +1

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