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A live recording from this year's Orphans Christmas Party/Jam at my place. Nigel on Guitar, Derek on Bass, Richard on Flugelhorn and Flute, I'm on saxes. Next track is a continuation "Christmas Present".


Great jam, what fun!! :W:W Merry Xmas!+1
December 25 2019 20:53:40
Wade Thanks Ernie. Would be great to have a live jam with you sometime! +1
Great concert and team!:)+1
December 25 2019 20:52:45
Wade Thanks Mario. No concert, just whoever shows up jamming together. Only rule is no covers or standards...100% improvisation. +1
Remind me "Steps Ahead" style. All is excellent.+1
December 25 2019 20:51:10
Wade Very kind...too kind! They were a very pro practiced band. I wish I sounded like MB!!! We're just jamming with ideas coming out of the ether. Good fun, and glad if you enjoyed. +0

Super band <3

The guitar in the backgruond, at the beginnig, is very tasy and the bass during your solo is super :o

Very very jazz club, Wade <3

Your sax is so sweet and crisp <3
December 25 2019 20:46:37
Wade Actually Nigel in this case is playing a keyboard, he's a guitarist and 99% of the time is playing guitar. Great sound though! +1
Great jam Wade and crew.+1
December 25 2019 20:45:17
Wade Sure wish you were here to sweeten this up. Fun as it was, but would be a dream to play live with you sometime. +1
December 26 2019 10:41:26
FrankieJ I would love that. I'm quite certain we could jam for hours and have a lot of fun doing it :) +0
Beautiful session, I love such recordings ;o)+1
December 25 2019 20:44:18
Wade Thanks my friend. Sharing music with friends that's totally unplanned is such a joy for me. Nice that others can get something out of this and also have vicarious fun. +1
Enjoyed very much Wade!+1
December 25 2019 20:54:05
Wade Thanks so much Tu. Looking forward to meeting up in August! +1
Sounds like a merry Christmas jam session with some skilled musicians!+1
December 25 2019 21:00:59
CI Section
Wade Thanks. I sure wish many from here could have attended ...including you! I'm the only non pro in the mix and feel very fortunate that these fine musicians will come and hang out for a jam. +1
Talented friends, great stuff+1
December 25 2019 22:30:30
Wade One of these days Frank Mill, we're going to kidnap you and make you jam with us! +1
There's nothing like these shared musical experiences. It's great to listen to you good players and listeners.
Thank you for letting us participate!
December 26 2019 05:31:06
Wade Wish all could participate, but you can add to it now if you wish. Looking forward to meeting up at Steinfeld in August. +1
December 26 2019 20:28:43
ajax ...better to wait until August... :) +1

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