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Noodling around a few thoughts about the state of the world
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Way to rock it out Franky-great track bro':W<3:W
December 30 2019 10:58:26
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith 😀 +0
:W:W fantastic Franky :D:D+1
December 30 2019 10:59:53
frankyguitar Thank you very much Xavi:W :D +1
wow - ein fantastisches Hörerlebnis Franky :)<3:W+1
December 30 2019 11:06:37
frankyguitar Vielen Dank René, tolles Kompliment :W freut mich riesig:) +0
Great noodles...yummy:W
When you finish your thoughts on the "State of the World" please let me know:P
December 30 2019 11:15:53
frankyguitar This will be never happen, except I’m dead. But hey, this can be tomorrow:P
I hope not, nor does it feel good to be alive Ron. :D
Uloisius and I have had a long conversation in this same vein. You can find it on his track #116259.

I guess the coming new year and decade tends to make us think about the passing of time and what the future holds.

Good track from you.
December 30 2019 11:33:18
frankyguitar Yes, I know the play and I remember.
I believe that the world will be increasingly affected by irrational decisions. Rationality and the will to compromise are already no longer very much in demand. Each group wants to make their own view, their own standpoint, the only valid standard for ALL under all circumstances. They do not give a damn about the thoughts, feelings and life of those who think differently.
I am afraid that this will increase.
Thank you for your kind comments Wade.
Super track franky:D:D+1
December 30 2019 11:33:42
frankyguitar Thank you very much David :W :D +0
Manchmal möchte ich mich am liebsten verkriechen, nichts mehr sehen, hören geschweige denn sagen...
Musik als Ventil, sicherlich eine gute Möglichkeit. Hier eine gute Umsetzung!
December 30 2019 12:12:19
frankyguitar Geht mir ganz genau genauso. Vielen Dank Peter!! :) Gesellschaftlich scheint es eher rückwärts als vorwärts zu gehen. :| +1
Fantastic Franky!!:):W<3+1
January 04 2020 15:15:58
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dorothy and happy new year my dear :) <3 +1
Great rocking franky
To me you sum up the magic of Wikiland... great contribution, thoughtful, modest always so full of generous praise support, inspiration and humanity:DB) thank you for cool enjoyment, especially wonderful support + thoughts shared through the years its greatly prized by me... my very fine and valued friend<3
Cool and Happy New Year to you and your family:W:D
January 04 2020 15:26:27
frankyguitar Thank you Peter, thank you very much. You are always so kind and friendly to me and tolerant of my lack of musical and instrumental knowledge :)
My feeling is all I have and what I try to pass on. I can only return your wonderful words and say THANK YOU.
I hope you had a great start in the new year and wish us all a better decade as the last was. All my best fpr you and your family.
January 04 2020 15:28:42
PJE Thank you franky and your feelings are the most important ;) +1
January 04 2020 15:30:58
frankyguitar :D <3 +1
a great noodling Franky.;)+1
January 04 2020 15:17:00
frankyguitar Thank you so much Nils, happy new year my friend :) ;) +1

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