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Happy new year to all wikiloopers :D Much guitar. Drums and percussion- some I played real, and some soft synth. Open jam, waits for your ideas :W
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Electronic, Disturbing, Avantgarde, Fran Ky


Frank, Hollywood is calling you:W
This is a fantastic musical score for a "Space" thriller:D
January 04 2020 22:12:59
frankyguitar No call arrived here :| :D
Thank you very much Ron. :D I’m happy you like it :)
Just fantastic!:D! Music for a thriller!!:W<3
January 04 2020 22:32:44
frankyguitar Thank you very much Hugo:W and a happy new year! :) +1
January 04 2020 23:22:35
fblack Happy new year Bro!!!:D +1
Great template Franky-has a certain mystery to it-nice work buddy:):W:)
January 04 2020 22:10:18
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith. :W :D :W +1
Awesome franky:D:D:D Happy new year:D+1
January 04 2020 22:11:03
frankyguitar Happy new year David, thank you very much:D :W :D +1
Awful title. If you have this I'm very sorry or if you know of somebody who does. Interesting experimental sounds and feel. Very "dark" and "alien" (the movie) feeling. Very interesting around 4:30 and after where it's mostly mechanical sounds and most of the tonal reference disappears.+1
January 04 2020 22:31:45
frankyguitar Unfortunately I have and I’m always really exhausted after a very little effort. But my heart itself is in a very good condition. Only to be exhausted is a problem and it sucks really. If it’s more worse than is probably a surgery a good choice. But not yet.
Nevertheless, there is always some fear and an uneasy feeling in the back of the head. That's what I was trying to say. In the beginning, you can hear the alienated siren of an ambulance and later on you can hear a lot of alienated technical noises like you can hear in an intensive care unit. I am trying to deal with a possible surgery.
Thank you very much for listening and your comment.
January 06 2020 20:04:17
Wade Very brave of you to explore your fears and give voice to them here. Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you make and peace for your mind and soul. +0
<3<3 fantastic Franky,amigo+1
January 04 2020 22:36:59
frankyguitar Thank you very much Xavi !! :D :) <3 +1
Cool music franky:W+1
January 04 2020 22:54:42
frankyguitar Thank you very much Frankie, happy new year :W :D +1
January 04 2020 23:41:23
FrankieJ Happy New Year to you too my friend:) +1
Fantastically atmospheric you should definitely expect the “Space Thriller” call franky my friend this is spectacular <3+1
January 05 2020 12:52:21
frankyguitar Thank you very much Peter :) for all your nice comments and your support. Like always I enjoyed the time I’ve spend with it. +1
January 05 2020 12:52:52
Major 3rd
frankyguitar Thank you very much Craig! :W +0
Ja, viele gute Ideen, ein Geräusch-Teppich, der viel Raum bietet! Toll gemacht:)+1
January 05 2020 12:54:01
frankyguitar Vielen herzlichen Dank Peter. Ein versprengtes Saxofon 🎷 könnte auch cool sein:W +0

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