2020 Hindsight Blues

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Another great track from Frenzie. Sopranino added starting at 0:30. First Tuesday Blues of a new decade!!!!


:D Super :D
Cool blues and playing, sounds great together :)
January 07 2020 19:56:47
Wade Thanks Franky. Now just waiting for bass and drums to show up to the gig. +1
Great match! Your sax really sings - almost like a vocalist in it's tone and expression! Excellent playing.+2
January 07 2020 19:57:46
Wade Thanks Dan. Yea, I think the sax should sing...but without words. +1
Awesome job, Wade. I would pay money to come and listen to you and Tom. <3<3<3+2
January 07 2020 20:00:39
Wade Talk to our agents...Ha! I'll be in Germany in August. Frenzie's not that far away. Maybe you can both come the the jam? +1
January 07 2020 23:18:37
Don_T Only wish I could. Would be a blast :) +1
Hell yeah, you got the blues on that sax my friend, Great highs so classy, congrats my dear friend+2
January 08 2020 20:43:08
Wade My jazz sax peers would be dissing all those big slurs...not the done thing! Oh well glad if you think it fits, and I had fun anyway! +0
Great tone and phrasing Wade- each time you and frenzie come together to play some blues it's got to be good!+2
January 08 2020 20:44:36
Wade Frenzie always inspires. So glad you like the combo of sopranino with guitar. It's kind of unique, hopefully sounds OK. +0
January 08 2020 20:45:13
Lenny Cowler
Wade Cheers Lenny! +1
Yeah i love it Wade!! I would not mind the sax being mixed bit upfront but thats personal :):) your tone and lines are so highly enjoyable!<3<3:):):)+1
January 08 2020 20:48:06
Wade Ha! I thought I was too up front. Always wanting the sax and your guitar to be a "conversation" without the sax upstaging. The sopranino tends to "cut" pretty seriously, so needs to be kept lower than you'd suppose. Always a pleasure to join in with you. +1
January 07 2020 20:01:31
Wade Thanks so much jjdf. Such a pleasure to join Frenzie on his blues tracks. +0
a well played sax add Wade.;)+1
January 07 2020 20:02:24
Wade Hopefully it will always be an "add" and not a "subtraction". Cheers Nils. +1
You nailed it Wade!!!+1
January 08 2020 20:45:01
Wade So did you! Thanks so much for the add! +0

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