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I join Frankie for this beautiful track


OK, I've got to be honest: Excellent playing (as always) but I think too busy for this track. Still a thumb for your excellent playing.+1
January 09 2020 10:49:30
PJE That's proper constructive feedback and why I value your thoughts so are right its OTT and I have been trying hard recently to quell my exuberance for fill ins all over the place (comes from being brought up on 3 piece rock)
Thank you for taking time means a lot to me
Great drum work Peter as always. Thanks for joining me<3+1
January 09 2020 10:53:33
PJE Always a joy Frankie, though as Wade said on reflection its a little too busy:W +1
January 09 2020 23:41:30
FrankieJ Considering I played it along with the tick tock of a computerized metronome anything is busy in comparison:D
From a commercial perspective I understand and agree with what you and Wade are saying. Also from a commercial perspective the song is much too long.

I’m not certain that it is too busy in a technical sense, more so it is a happy and upbeat percussion perfectly played but because the song has a mixture of minor and major chords, the minor chords can create a contrast with an upbeat percussion. I hope that makes sense as I am not a great explainer and I certainly don’t know it all.

I base the previous paragraph on my experiences working with a song writing trio in the 90’s where we constantly had to change things to meet the commercial criteria. We wrote and pitched songs and also radio/tv jingles. Sometimes we got lucky. Many times not :)

Bottom line. I love what you played here Peter and it works. If you and I were working together in a professional manner with the purpose of writing and pitching songs for profit, then we would probably need to explore multiple percussion's to try and meet the ‘commercial’ criteria as I perceive it. And I would most definitely need to rearrange the song and shorten it for that reason as well.

The great thing about Wikiloops is we can stray from the norm:)
January 10 2020 15:27:43
PJE Wow what can I say thank you Frankie:)
You make perfect sense f
I want to thank you for taking such time and care to pass on your thoughts and clear expertise. How I wish I met you years ago and been able to learn from your musical and human gifts, I consider myself blessed to be able to share your music here... The joy involved listening and playing to your music is priceless. It's a gift I thought I'd lost forever when my last band broke up up wayback in the 80s. The chemistry involved with musicians people I shared joy with was like Heaven on Earth and I only realised that after it was gone, I never thought I would find it again and that's why your music is precious to me and it's so important to get it as good as I can.
Wisely you point out that we're not working together commercially and and we can enjoy experiments so thank you I really appreciate your feedback it means a great deal to me and I'm looking forward to many more jams with your superb music inspiration my friend thank you and best wishes<3 Peter
January 10 2020 23:07:23
FrankieJ And I consider myself blessed when you choose to join me. I would have loved to work with you back then. You can play any genre and play it well. And equally important to me, you strike me as open minded, open to suggestions, non egocentric. Such important qualities when working together as a team.

I was hoping you would not take my long winded comments as a negative critique for it was not intended that way. I could have probably condensed all of that by just saying that I agree from one perspective and disagree from another.

Happy New Year my friend :)
January 11 2020 02:13:47
PJE My friend you said it beautifully and thoughtful as always Happy New Year Frankie:) +1
Fantastic Music PJE ;)<3
Great Drum Job;):W
Sounds great Peter, fantastic track :) <3+0
Such WONDERFUL Percussive "Beauty". You add so much musicality with your percussive playing!!! Excellent, Peter!!!+0
yeah so good!:D:Y+0
Well, Peter...I know what I like and this is it my friend. Great work buddy:W<3<3:W

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