Smooth Mountain

United States
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Marceys975 jams

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Had a great time on this track! Lot's of harmonics and dynamics going on with these guys behind the bass and drums! Added two layers... rhodes and synth... have a nice sunday and thanks for the cool music all, Marc


Masterpiece :) What a cool band, so looking forward to meeting some of you :)+2
January 12 2020 17:17:34
Marceys Glad you like it, had a good time on the track and am looking forward to the meeting too! Great weekend with good music and fun, i'm liking the jam intention a lot... most of my playing with bandprojects are with a agenda and sheets... :) +1
January 12 2020 17:20:27
wjl Sounds like the orchestra where I'm currently helping out (their regular (double) bass player has a carpal tunnel syndrome, and is recovering from an operation on it). Sheet music, mostly Italian (and some very old). But I always like a challenge, you can only learn through these :) +1
January 12 2020 17:25:32
Marceys of course! Very true and wise words indeed i like the bandprojects and their agenda's and sheetmusic a lot but the relaxed way of jamming is something i give a warm welcome too! :) +1
The king of smooth keys does it again. Fantastic playing and an equally fantastic sound, love it! Super slick.+2
January 12 2020 22:34:02
Marceys Glad you like the chords, had a great time on the track! +0
January 12 2020 14:42:46
Marceys Enjoyed! :W:D +1
Great add Marc! Nice layering. Reminds me of a Movie soundtrack B) :W+1
January 12 2020 17:15:39
Marceys Tried to lay something to the harmonics of the bass and stay within your groove! Enjoyed it a lot this afternoon! Thanks for that! :) +1
Awesome keys Marc, I loved all your chords, melodies and groove in the keys. Thanks a lot for jamming along My good friend and looking forward to play live with you in the meeting.+1
January 12 2020 22:33:18
Marceys I’m glad you like the chords jussef, tried to follow your harmonics! Looking forward to the meeting again too! +1
Fine backing and complimentary lines to jussef's solo.+1
January 12 2020 22:36:28
Marceys Thanks a lot Wade, glad you likd it! +1
<3 Excellent !+1
January 16 2020 19:25:11
Marceys Glad you like it! Thanks! :) +1
<3 olala :o+1
January 19 2020 16:42:05
Marceys :Y:Y +0
Perfect compliment to Jussef's playing :)+1
January 31 2020 23:03:45
Marceys Enjoyed that ride! :) Glad you like it! :) +1
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