He's Left The Clan

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A short but irresistibly sweet piece by YuuLi, topped by WhiteDrum55 and Al-Fadista, just sat down and tried some low notes on it. HD is my bass with count in as always. Just realized that I still need a new potentiometer for it (you can hear it on the HD). Thanks for the fun my friends :) Hope you like it.
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jazz, fusion, acoustic, YuuLi


Good! There are interesting ideas. Some parts sound a bit strange to me though, but I might be mistaken. Maybe I need some sleep, it's late! lol Anyway, thanks for joining Wjl! :)+2
January 15 2020 05:55:27
wjl Merci Alex :) And yes I agree, could be my intonation (fretless), or maybe I got some of your nice chords (and thus, scales) wrong? You hadn't written them down, so it was more or less guesswork... :) +2
January 15 2020 18:34:28
Al-Fadista Yeah, I know, i'm not good at naming a chord... sus4bm7/9 whatever... lol Maybe I'll try to name them one day. All I can say is that there's some kind of phrygian part somewhere... that's the spanish/andalusian sounding section. +1
Thank you Wolfgang! Always better with a beautiful bass <3 The irregular rhythm of the voice+chords must have been hard to structure, but you nailed it ;)+1
January 15 2020 09:37:46
wjl Merci Julie :) And yes, rhythmically this is/was also a challenge :) But maybe that's also what makes your tracks so interesting, I love them! Wrote about it a bit on my pages as well: https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2020/01/hes-left-the-clan/ - and thank you again for all the fun! :) +1
January 15 2020 17:39:49
YuuLi Waou, thank you for the nice article :D +1
:Y :Y :Y

Another music with your bass, Wolfgang :o

Super satured sound, very very espressive and hot <3

Ready for the radio, for sure :o :Y
January 12 2020 22:18:19
wjl Awww too much of an honour Mirko - but thanks anyway :) Glad that you like it :) +1
Very interesting! Professional work in every aspects:)+1
January 12 2020 23:06:13
wjl Wielkie dzięki Matelox :) +1
Love it! Ties everything together :W+1
January 13 2020 00:06:03
wjl Thank you Mark :) +1
Super sounding bass add Wolfgang!!<3<3:W+1
January 13 2020 05:39:06
wjl Thank you Dorothy :) +1
So cool!!! Nice flowing bass line!!!+1
January 13 2020 18:44:56
wjl Thank you Dan! :) +0
nice shot Wjl, you've perfectly managed the bridge and the choruses :W+1
January 14 2020 18:12:45
wjl Thank you Erwan :) I think the credits belong to Alex, he's the one who found all these nice chords :) +1
sehr cool! Toll wie Du deinen Bass in den Song "eingewoben hast. (0.28/0.29<3)+1
January 17 2020 19:27:17
wjl Danke Peter - freut mich daß es Dir gefällt :) +1

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