Temper of Stone

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Slow Rock


fantastic Ron,very good,<3<3

it seems that your finger is recovering favorably
January 15 2020 00:24:46
mortheol Thanks Xavi my good friend:W
My finger is doing better than I expected..I am very happy:D
January 15 2020 01:49:31
ivax <3<3 +1
Wouldn't miss it for the world :) Way cool Ron :):W<3+1
January 15 2020 00:24:06
mortheol Thanks Mark, awesome add my friend:W
Going to work on a remix of this one with your saxB)
Really good, enjoyed this a lot. I like slow, expansive and psychedelic rock and this ticks all the boxes. Great vibe.+1
January 15 2020 00:23:28
mortheol Check, Check, Check...:D
Thanks Dan I love this kind of music:W
Excellent Ron!! :W:D+1
January 15 2020 00:26:14
mortheol Thanks Ernie good to see ya' man:W +1
Excellent Ron, High quality templates my friend !!:D:W<3+1
January 15 2020 00:22:28
mortheol Thanks very much Hugo, I appreciate the comment;) +1
Super cool my friend:D:D+1
January 15 2020 00:25:58
mortheol Thanks very much David:D
The finger is doing better than I hoped:W
Very good. I love your sound Ron.;)+1
January 25 2020 00:20:55
mortheol Agnes Thank you:D
I miss you...I need to find my way back to your music soon!!!
Fantastic psychedelic rock with a superlative sound Ron! :)+1
January 25 2020 00:20:21
mortheol Thanks Stef always love your feedback:) +0
Awesome track Ron,glad you are recovering bud:)+1
January 25 2020 00:20:00
mortheol Thanks Pete, I am doing better than I hoped:)
Still some numbness in my finger, but maybe I will play better now...LOL
Gorgeous. One of my favs.+1
February 13 2020 02:03:34
mortheol Thanks very much Dirk:D
So glad you jammed on this one:W
I have been leaving the bass out of all my tracks;)
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