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A wonderful unusual track from seldom seen Milachica. Hopefully he'll provide more inspiration in the future.


this sounds very cinematic.....I like the contrast between the heart beat of Milachica's track and the airy sound of the sax :)+2
a perfect theatrical dramatic track :)+1
January 14 2020 19:34:59
Wade As long as the drama doesn't become a trauma I guess it's OK. Thanks OliVBee so good of yo to give a listen. I wish we'd hear more from malichica, such a fine talent. +2
An excellent tune and tone to match the mood, and the levels are just right too; great job Milachica and Wade !+1
January 14 2020 19:37:23
Wade So good that you've given this a listen. It's rather "strange" and not necessarily "easy listening". Thanks so much. +1
Very suggestive, Wade <3

I totally agree with Shi thus I pushed the Movie Music button :D

My best claps for the wonderful track to yuo two :)
January 14 2020 19:39:10
Wade Thanks so much magirtiko. It's not an easy listen, but I guess something of a journey. +1
Beautiful track, you found your way through this jungle and we travel on your back crossing time and stories :)+1
January 14 2020 19:43:02
Wade Ha! I live in a jungle...does that come across? I wish I could tell stories the way you do. +1
January 15 2020 22:35:16
marmotte You tell stories, don't doubt about it ;) +1
January 16 2020 01:18:30
Wade Thanks my dear. Let's tell lots of stories (and lies?) together in August! +1
January 16 2020 12:36:46
marmotte I'll bring the lies, truth is boring ;) +0
I maybe listening again on the wrong vol/device (my mobile at work) but it sounds like you have captured the same atomosphere and magic anticiption of hearing the ochestra warm up prelude and then into the enchantment of the performance....so many hints at and influences in your play style that are so intriguingly beguiling.... i will listen also on headphones when I can...it sounds wonderful right now though+1
January 14 2020 19:46:06
Wade I can relate to what you're saying and sometimes am in a situation where I'm barely able to hear music (in the other room or with other noises) and hear something more than what's there. Everything is fair especially if it resonates and creates our own better music in our heads. I'm grateful regardless and thank you for the listen and support. +0
Wow, this is an amazingly cinematic track and the inquisitive-nature of the sax works perfectly with it. A fabulous listen and an emotive journey.+1
January 14 2020 19:47:40
Wade This is a great compliment coming from you...the master of cinematic and mystic musical journeys. Thanks so much. +0
Listening to you I thought of the famous crop circles. By analogy, in a certain sense, you too draw circles with sound with an aura of mystery. Great atmosphere!+1
January 14 2020 19:49:58
Wade Your comments are always so creative. I'm still trying to live up to them! As always you're so kind. I'm still hoping that you'll come to Germany for the jam so that we can play together live. +1
January 14 2020 20:05:10
Stef I really hope so too me, Wade! +1
and a really wonderful playing from you Wade.;)+1
January 14 2020 19:50:48
Wade Hey Nils, so good of you to give a listen to this. It's rather unusual. Thanks my friend. +1
Wade! Thank you for joining! such a beautiful blend in sound and emotion.+1
January 15 2020 09:05:22
Wade You're here! Maybe you'll contribute some more? I certainly miss your creativity and unique way of hearing and composing music. Must be years since I've heard you play sax. Still playing? +0

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