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Loved that funky theme from Marc, jhonrobert, and Alex as soon as I heard it. And as easy as it may sound, playing really isn't :) But those who know me know how much I love some nice & juicy minor 9th chords - one of my favourite colours in music, so I couldn't resist. Still lots of space in here, jump in, it's nice & cuddly :) Thanks friends for all the fun :) Hope you like it :)
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funk, jazzy theme, easy listening


Very nice Wolfgang. It’s nice to hear a bassist keeping it lean and clean. I really like your sound. Fabulous job. Thanks 😎+3
January 19 2020 13:44:17
wjl Thank *you* Alex for your wonderful theme! :) It has been a pleasure and an honour to play with you :) +1
Just right Wolfganf great playing and sound as this wonderful music deserves :W+1
January 19 2020 13:49:57
wjl Thank you so much Peter, that's very kind of you :) +1
Wow, Wolfgang .. Mr. Rhythm!! That's really on point .. Great playing, my friend!! Full admiration :)+1
January 19 2020 13:55:53
wjl Vielen Dank Patric! Freut mich wirklich sehr wenn's Dir gefällt :) +0
great Wjl a nice work very original your bass lines:W+1
January 19 2020 14:19:27
wjl Thank you Robert (or John? Both?) - tried to keep it simple and to support that groove a bit :) +0
:Y :Y :Y


That's the music I love, Wolfgang :o

Your sound is so incredible warm and clean and your touch is unmistakable <3

Super track, mates :o

To me it's ready for the radio :D

My best claps to you all :)
January 19 2020 14:18:11
wjl Grazie Mirko, I'm glad that you like it :) +1
The right subtle support Wolfgang, Bravo+1
January 19 2020 14:17:38
wjl Merci beaucoup Tof :) +0
Top!! Grossartige Akzente...wowowow:)+1
January 19 2020 15:08:43
wjl Danke sehr lieber Peter :) Freut mich wirklich wenn's Dir gefällt :) +1
Great funk and awesome bass Wolfgang<3:W:o+1
January 19 2020 15:08:18
wjl Thank you dear Dorothy, that's so kind of you :) +1
January 19 2020 15:20:17
deezee Notice my new profile pic:D. Its a pic of the beegees as kids with my nephew paul frost when they were all in the boy band together called the rattlesnakes in the late fifties. Paul is the one at the back with the black stripe across his jumper.. so cute..<3 +1
January 19 2020 15:27:24
wjl Oh that's cool Dorothy :) Had to think of you yesterday when our German TV brought a report about Manchester :) Great stuff :) +1
January 19 2020 15:33:38
deezee Oh thanks there is also one with them as adults with Barry Gib his arm across my nephews shoulder he's in the white shirt, i actually wanted to put the pictures up in a gallery but Dicks explained it's only for gold star users. Oh well never mind ..:| +1
Great add Wolfgang. Enjoyed it :)+1
January 19 2020 15:07:58
wjl Thank you Mark - glad that you liked it :) +1
Sounds great Wolf! You have a great "groove" ear.Nice break at 1:29.+1
January 19 2020 16:25:57
wjl Thank you Joe - so glad if you like it :) +1

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