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Great drums from DFD. Added some stuff starting bout halfway to the end. Thanks Klaus. Thanks for listening.


Aren't you clever in finding a barely used DFD track! Good reason...was probably too hard for most to hear the possibilities. Beautifully and slowly constructed. Deserves lots of thumbs.+2
15 listens and only my thumb so far??? I cant work it out...super sounding to me Frankie i give you both 100% rating:W:W:W+1
January 22 2020 14:46:39
FrankieJ thanks Peter:) +1
Fantastico amigo Frankie .. a great design on some very cool drums - Bravo!! :D Really cool :W:W+1
January 22 2020 14:45:37
FrankieJ Love what you did with it :) +0
this is some super cool and awesome sound and playing FrankieJ.;)+1
A very suggestive and cinematographic piece of music :o

It has a good aftertaste of Pink Floyd <3

My best claps to you, Frankie & DFD :)
cool track from DafunkyD you added guitar to here Frankie...different and atmospheric from you too :) I like all the changes :)+1
Very very well done:)+1
:D fantastic Frankie <3+1
what a fantastic composition:):)+1
Wow, brilliant sound, I love the mood ... or how to say it ;)+1

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