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Played this structure on the Stage Piano..... Orientating at the moment in getting a new Stage Piano.... Roland RD 2000, Nord Stage 3..... not sure yet.... This was played on my old RD700NX but still got a great keybed to play on.... Maybe cool to make a song of this structure! cheers, Marc


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Great song Marc, I love the modulation in your bridge!+1
January 27 2020 22:29:24
Marceys Thanks, when i find some kind of verse and chorus thing it is always a challenge to find a bridge that is somehow different but also fit the other parts! :) A modulation can be surprising sometimes! :) +0
Good open structure that can go so many ways.+1
January 27 2020 22:30:08
Marceys Hope it is open enough and it will be good to build on! +1
Beautiful Marc<3:)+1
January 27 2020 22:31:20
Marceys Thanks a lot Marc! Always a pleasure to find some chords that sounds good to my ears together! :) +1
beautiful Marc<3Download:W+1
January 27 2020 22:31:53
Marceys Glad you like it Peter, enjoyed it! +0
sounds real nice marc :)+1
January 27 2020 22:32:21
Marceys Thanks a lot Shi! :) +0
superb as always Marc!:)+1
January 27 2020 22:32:51
Marceys Glad you like it Claudia! :) +1
Really good!+1
January 28 2020 22:16:23
Marceys Glad you enjoyed it! :) +0
Hey Marc,
At first I felt like I heard some suspicious notes, example at 2:04 and 2:19, but then I noticed that there were several others ... 2:35, 2:51, 3:04 ... and that maybe it was that I had not yet developed my ear for these kinds of chords ... it will be a great challenge for the singer! :)
Anyway, it's magnificent, as always!<3
January 28 2020 22:21:01
Marceys Haha, these chords are just m7 chords....or did i play a 9th not sure anymore..... what you mean with suspicious notes? But very glad you like the track of course! :) +1
January 29 2020 06:38:55
StJray A note which in a chord creates a tension one beyond the normal! :) +1
January 29 2020 07:17:48
Marceys Ah, must be the kinda inversion i played than! +0
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