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It's Blues Tuesday and here's a Blues from me, with me on vocals not guitars, you're welcome to contribute, hope you like it. slin ...;)
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Love it, love it! What a splendid Blues Nils!! :)+3
January 28 2020 22:38:52
slin thanks so much for that Stef... +0
Bluesday is Tuesday? N0! Bluesday is Tu's day!!! What an excellent performance Nils!! Im so spoiled today...great music to entertain me :D<3:D+2
January 28 2020 22:39:22
slin thanks so much for that Tu...<3 +1
Another great track from you. Really good add from Stef on this as well.+1
January 29 2020 13:17:59
slin thanks so much for that Wade... +1
:W Sounds great Nils, beautiful classy blues :) <3+1
January 29 2020 13:17:39
slin thanks so much for that Franky... +1
Great Nils!:W:)+1
January 28 2020 22:38:36
slin thanks so much for that Joao... +1
Great Blues Nils ;):)+1
January 28 2020 22:39:39
slin thanks so much for that Thierry... +1
great blues bro+1
January 28 2020 22:39:58
slin thanks so much for that Gary... +1
A fantastic performace Nils!! :W:W:W+1
January 28 2020 22:40:26
slin thanks so much for that Hugo... +1
Great Nils. Thanks to you and others, the blues tuesday will be an event for me. When I read Dick's numbers, I think that we need more and more events like this in Wikiloops, not to bring in new musicians, but to increase the pleasure of the active and to increase the charisma of WL. Big compliment!+1
January 28 2020 22:40:54
slin thanks so much for that Rene and i agree with you... +0
<3<3 Fantastic Nils :)+1
January 28 2020 22:41:10
slin thanks so much for that Xavi... +1

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