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Was fooling arround a bit with this e-piano and a phaser effect over it. A drum from the Kronos to get me started a bit... Was thinking about the Kaiser family and their little precious... Think that boy just gotta grow up being funky don't ya think! At least he should be exposed to some good old funk! :) The HD is without the drums because this phaser piano needs a real drummer badly to give it the dynamics it needs! cheers, Marc


Lovely dedication baby groove :)+2
January 30 2020 10:25:21
Marceys A start again! :) Hope the drums will be replaced! :) +0
Nice funky playing and cool phaser effect :)+1
January 30 2020 10:26:03
Marceys Thanks man, needs a dynamic drummer now! :) +1
Great template Marc <3. And in agreement with you, it is important to participate in the young children's musical awakening (especially those of friends :D)+1
January 30 2020 10:27:02
Marceys Yes i think so too... they should be exposed to these flows and get them in their systems! :) +1
January 30 2020 10:27:40
Marceys Glad you can dance to this groove! :) +0
Fantastic Music Template Marceys ;)<3+1
January 30 2020 10:27:52
Marceys Thanks man, just a start! :) +1
Thanks for a real nice template Marc - and as always, thanks also for providing a chord sheet! Here's to Elias... :Y+1
January 30 2020 10:28:50
Marceys Think the chords can help in some cases....i find it quicker for the workflow... but it can stand in the way sometimes too.... :) +1
Lovely ! in every sense of the meaning ;)+1
January 30 2020 10:29:25
Marceys Thanks man, glad you like it! Needs the drummer of flesh and blood now! :) +1
January 30 2020 11:35:30
OliVBee and everything else ;) +1
:Y:Y:Y supper funky indeed, very nice+1
January 30 2020 10:30:00
Marceys Glad you like it! Needs a lot of more ingredients to make it funky and cool! :) +1
Awesome groove Marceys!!! :W
January 30 2020 20:33:40
Marceys Thanks a lot Murilo! A bit of groovin! :) :W +0
Beautifully cool Marc<3+1
January 31 2020 22:17:35
Marceys Very glad you like it Peter! :) +1

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