Torturing Liesching

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Got the keyboard from the closet today so I could add strings to another track and started jamming around on it. This is the result. Whenever I entertain the idea of playing keys on the loops I think about all our great keyboardists here and I leave it in the closet. But anyway I thought it was kind of pretty so there we go. Thanks for listening.


Fantastic Your Template FrankieJ <3;)+1
January 31 2020 21:07:02
FrankieJ thanks Charli:) +0
This is lovely, Frankie :)+1
January 31 2020 21:06:44
FrankieJ thank you my friend:) +1
Just a few note in and I know this is beautiful it’s so good that you came out of the closet (with it) my friend:D
Soulful playing and sound Frankie<3
January 31 2020 21:02:08
FrankieJ Ha! I've came out!!:D
thanks so much Peter:)
Best title ever! Lovely tune <3+1
January 31 2020 21:03:42
FrankieJ I know what Marc could do with it:)
thanks Tu:)
wonderful <3+1
January 31 2020 21:04:07
FrankieJ thanks Rene:) +0
Hey Frankie! Beautiful ambience you played here on your keys! Breathing great! :)+1
January 31 2020 21:05:04
FrankieJ Coming from you, I'm very happy:)
thanks a bunch Marc:)
Very beautiful track, Frankie. I know what you mean about leaving the keyboard in the closet. That is where mine is at. But you overcame and gave us a fantastic track <3<3<3+1
January 31 2020 21:00:13
FrankieJ Get it out and have at it my friend.
thanks Don:)
Ha..I can relate when I hear other sax players :) Still nice to hear your "voice" on keys :)+1
January 31 2020 20:59:16
FrankieJ Lot of great sax players here and you are among them imo.
thanks Mark:)
You are so Good composing themes!!!! This is Beautiful!!! Excellent, Frankie!!!+1
January 31 2020 20:57:00
FrankieJ Thanks so much Dan:) +0
Good stuff Frankie. I'm sure Liesching will be positive about this as he is with everyone :)+1

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