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Pavloz uploaded a beautiful guitar track and the rhythm section. I like his solo guitar so much that I wanted to insert a few ornaments in the background. The combination of Variay banjo and a Splawn Nitro 80 in combination with a synthesizer seemed to fit me. With this I (and my PC) exceeded my comfort zone. Technical difficulties required that I had to use 2 DAWs for a mix for the first time. I hope it fits fairly. Thanks ...


sounds great your add Rene.;)+2
January 30 2020 21:24:51
abuitremorem Thank you Nils :) +1
Agree, sounds great:)+1
January 31 2020 13:28:43
abuitremorem Thank you Matelox :):):) +0
:D :W+1
January 31 2020 13:28:26
abuitremorem merci :D +1
Great track!! Perfectly caught the mood of the template and solo, René .. love it very much. I had some work to do to translate the title - but it's worth doing it.. "After I'm gone" just perfect!+1
January 31 2020 13:28:09
abuitremorem Thanks Patrik. If you say that, it means a lot to me. I had to fight on different levels here. The title comes from Pavloz and has it all :) +0
Very creative and tasty add, Rene. Excellent job my friend <3<3<3+1
January 31 2020 16:33:51
abuitremorem Thanks Don, I wasn't so sure :D +1
Cool Sound and cool your add René ;)very nice Playing ;)great job <3:W+1
January 31 2020 16:33:01
abuitremorem Thank you Charli :):):) +0
Hat durchaus etwas faszinierendes!! Gefällt mir sehr gut, wenn Du deine Wohlfühlzone verlässt:)+1
January 31 2020 16:32:44
abuitremorem Danke Peter :D:D +0
WOW... This is Best of the Best, Rene!!!!!!!! First class production!!!+1
January 31 2020 19:02:50
abuitremorem Thanks Dan. I was able to free-ride thanks to the beautiful track by Pavloz :) +0
Oooh! we talk with music!! <3:)+1
February 01 2020 22:39:26
abuitremorem Yes, thank you José:D +0

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