Scorpion's Hunt

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An intriguing track from Fabricio and Mario. Sopranino added and hopefully pushing the intrigue a bit further. Watch out for those scorpions!


Cool interesting track :) the distorted signal because of a too hot signal is distracting only slightly which means you guys managed to captivate my attention !+2
February 01 2020 20:34:17
Wade Glad it intrigues. It's certainly something different! I just love playing with bass and all that space in between. +1
Fabricio L
Very very beautiful !+2
February 01 2020 20:36:13
Fabricio L
Wade So good to be joining in on a track of yours. Thanks to you! +1
Wowww fantastic job Wade!! You know how I like your sopranino play, amazing!+2
February 01 2020 20:37:09
Wade So kind of you. Once again following you and being inspired by your fine playing. +1
:) Wonderful Job,<3<3 Fantatic Wade+1
February 01 2020 20:34:37
Wade Thanks so much Xavi. You've so kind to give this a listen. +1
Wonderful sopranino art. I admire your good intonation. I've also had a sopranino for three weeks and I'm still working on intonation.+1
February 01 2020 20:35:45
Wade What sort of sopranino did you get? Yea, you've got to hear every note to play it in tune and adjust your embouchure. Thanks for checking it out. +1
February 01 2020 21:02:05
Pewi I have a "Thomann TSI-350 Sopranino Saxophone" I would very much like to have the " Yanagisawa SN-981", but my budget is relatively small.
But the sound of this cheap instrument is really good and I do not regret the purchase­čĹŹ­čśÄ
February 01 2020 22:45:29
Wade Many of the Chinese sopraninos are surprisingly good. First year of the jam in Germany that's all I had with me. The Yani 981 is a good horn ( I had one for many years), but you need to increase the embouchure pressure unnaturally to hit anything above A2. The Selmer and Rampone are best, but both way expensive. The one you have is probably an excellent starter sopranino. +1
February 01 2020 22:53:35
Pewi Yes, the Rampone would certainly be great, but actually I am a flautist. With the flute I can really see the difference in sound between a high quality flute and the sound of a cheap student instrument. I don't think I could do that well with a saxophone :) +1
February 02 2020 02:54:14
Wade You're very right. The Chinese sopranino I had was really quite good. The Selmer I'm playing is better, but a listener may not be able to tell the difference. Unfortunately the difference in price is quite significant! +1
I am liking the contrasts here...the sopranino adds a real tension and sense of expectation Wade cutting through the laid back almost hypnotic groove of fabricio and Glez :)+1
February 01 2020 22:39:49
Wade Perfect observation. It seemed like an invitation to get "nervy" and create a lot of edge, hopefully not too much. +1
Nice one! Sounds like something I'd hear in a movie :)+1
February 01 2020 20:38:00
Wade Ha! Probably a horror movie? Cheers jaeusm, and thanks for the listen! +1
Ah, Wade, you are super intonated and your sound is very powerful :o <W

Very intriguing track <3

My best claps to you all, mates :)
February 01 2020 20:38:55
Wade Thanks magirtiko! Yea the sopranino cuts like a saber...nothing subtle about it. +1
February 01 2020 21:22:25
magirtiko :D +1
CI Section
definitely a push further, this unmistakeable sopranino flash gives the right contrast to the fantastic growling flageolet bass from Mario!+1
February 01 2020 20:40:13
CI Section
Wade What a kind thing to say. so glad if this works for you. It's a bit odd and angular...unlike me...old and dumpy! Ha! +1
February 01 2020 21:17:24
CI Section
CI Section :D +1
Great how this weaves around the straight percussion again there is the captivating fusion of eastern mysticism, classical, jazz and other exotic spices that you enchant us with+1
February 01 2020 22:47:23
Wade Titi likes to call me Kaa (the giant snake from "Jungle Book"). Yea, you've nailed all my influences, and I guess they show.

Thanks Peter.

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