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this beautiful composition has caught my attention. About three weeks ago a sopranino saxophone was added to my family of instruments and I have been using it for three weeks. I can tell you guys, it's really hard to play. Here I tried to experiment a little bit in the second part :) Thanks a lot "kaarooh" for this great opportunity.


<3 M a g n i f i q u e ! <3+2
February 01 2020 22:27:23
Pewi Thanks a lot :W +0
The flute part is enchanting, sounds so incredible my friend, lovely sound and interpretation...getting ready to listen to that sopranino, I am enjoying this a sound awesome Peter, the sopranino is also very well executed, nice melodies and i am so happy for you to include a new member to your instrument family+1
February 01 2020 22:18:20
Pewi Thanks a lot, my friend. This small instrument has fascinated me for a long time, I am so happy that I now hold one in my fingers:):) +1
Beautiful flute playing, Peter!!! your flute is singing sensitive elegant melodies!!!! On Soprano your experiment with shorter phrases and syncopated lines is very good!!! All wind instruments are "hard" to play in my opinion. Just keep playing and playing... continuous practice is the only way to take the "hard" out of it!!+1
February 01 2020 22:26:55
Pewi Thank you my friend, I will follow your valuable advice:):) +0
ich bewundere dich immer wieder für deine guten Ideen!+1
February 01 2020 22:28:14
Pewi Vielen Dank, geht mir bei Dir auch immer so:) +1
February 01 2020 22:29:32
jamlady :D<3 +1
Gefällt mir sehr gut ! Immer spannend, wie neue "Stimmen" einer Grundidee mehr Profil verleihen und Stimmung schaffen. Toll !+1
February 01 2020 22:47:28
Pewi Freut mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt! Ich hoffe sehr, dass Deine schöne "Grundidee" noch andere motiviert:) +0
Wenn ich diesen Ton höre, verstehe ich, warum Du Dir diese Mühe gemacht hast. Wunderschön. Da freue ich mich auf künftige ads :)+1
February 01 2020 22:56:05
Pewi Vielen Dank René. Wade hat es mir gut erklärt, beim Sopranino ist es wirklich enorm wichtig jeden Ton zu kontrollieren, den die Intonation geht sonst sehr schnell verloren:| +0
Good tone on the nino!! I think you've got a feeling for it. You're smart to be playing melodic lines. Since it's way high (like the flute) that's what works best.+1
February 01 2020 23:09:25
Pewi I really appreciate your motivating words, thank you very much! I hope we will have the opportunity in Steinfeld to exchange our experiences with this instrument.:) +1
February 02 2020 03:03:48
Wade I will (likely) be bringing the Selmer sopranino with me, so you'll have a chance to try it.

I doubt that there's anything I can teach you about how or what to play. You're doing just fine!
Yeah..That sounds pretty cool Pete. :D+1
February 02 2020 14:13:43
Pewi Thanks a lot! +0
Sehr schön deine Flöte ;)<3
Wunderbar dein Saxophon wie du es anschliesst <3
Kompliment Pewi <3
February 02 2020 14:14:03
Pewi Vielen Dank, freut mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt! +1
Sounds wonderful Peter!!<3+1
February 02 2020 14:14:18
Pewi Thank you so much:) +0
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