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This was so much fun. But as my Meniere's disease worsens it's getting very hard to hear the changes in songs like this. Please for give the mistakes. I will continue to play as long as it doesn't totally suck. lol I very much appreciate the friendships I have made hear at Wiki.Some have been more than kind. Thanks very much for listening.
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Funk Rock Fusion


Fabulous play as always. I am praying for you my brother.+3
Hey man, great to hear your awesome playing again! Very powerful playing with wonderful harmonics! Sorry to hear bout your Meniere disease, losing the hearing ability looks like a nightmare to me! Wish you the best!+3
Such a nice and dynamic jam ! Your playing is as awsome and musical as ever my friend ! i can only imagine what you're going through as the years go by ... wish you all the best for many more musical fun yet to come ;)+3
This is great Rick - what a band! And I'm very sorry to hear about your Menière's disease, wow...+3
Rick your talent will still carry you, even when you feel you cant carry on and i for one know you could never "suck" and will always be honoured to listen/jam with you....absolute privilege to hear you play my friend...keep on please!+3
Great track from all:D:D+2
Hey Rick. This is great. Your sound is as always strong and so very musical.....so sorry to hear about the Meniere’s. Words don’t help I know but I feel for you. Sincerely.+1
I love it ... :o Bravo!:W
Such fine playing from you (as always). Keep playing and face up to your handicap. I've had vertigo phases in my life (not entirely the same I know), and now am starting to go deaf. In my case it's OK as I'm old...can't expect to live and function like a young person forever! Doing what we can on a daily basis and loving what we do is what life's about.+1
Hey, my friend, I hope your Meniere's disease never ends up your amazing hearing and selection of notes, don't give up my dear friend you are an awesome musician.+1
March 07 2020 03:03:42
Acousticeg I hope not as well. I would go insane.:W +1

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