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Sounds like a good time to me!! Cool jam by brohaunus and metal amigo, señor Craig! Added some noise to the mix, thanks for the Sat. fun man!!! wooo hoo!! :D:W [img][/img]
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rock metal jam


Was that an earthquake in the valley? No!! Its Ernie on bass :o:o:o+3
February 15 2020 19:34:49
Ernie440 *chuckle* you're very humorous today!!! LOL Thanks Tu!! :D:W:D:W +1
February 15 2020 19:47:35
Major 3rd I like your pure in the moment expression....good stuff! rocks:W +2
Yes my friend my head is bobbing and feets a tapping Heavy :W :W great bro [img][/img]+2
February 16 2020 01:41:19
Ernie440 Glad U like! Great add man!! hehe ... cool anigif!! :W:W +1
February 16 2020 02:45:45
axenvocs You are the master brother +0
February 16 2020 18:45:51
Ernie440 :oB) +1
February 16 2020 01:39:55
Ernie440 haha oh yeah!!!! Thanks Erwan! :D:W +1
I bow to thy bass magic!
February 16 2020 18:45:01
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 No need for that my friend, haha thanks so much! .. is that you in the video above??.. looks like terrible weather there!! :D +1
"Great Ernie's Ghost!!!!" :o my my I must say - awesome bass Ernie.. 02:01 nice, all of it..super cool! Thanks for the blitzin add my friend! :W:D:o+1
February 15 2020 19:43:44
Major 3rd
Ernie440 "ernie's ghost" LOL Booo yeah man :D It was a fun jam .. went a little haywire but it's a jam after all, thanks brotha!! :W +1
February 15 2020 20:47:58
Major 3rd
Major 3rd was thinking great caesars Boo! love the haywire ride! awesome! ty:W:) +0
February 16 2020 01:49:51
Major 3rd
Ernie440 :D +0
Doing what you do so well...and then some.+1
February 16 2020 01:39:39
Ernie440 Thanks Wade!! :D +1
brother is amazing to listen to the metal songs when you play your bass, the perfect rhythm, the cuts and how you're playing with the guitar riff, great work Mr. Ernie always catches my attention:W:W+1
February 16 2020 02:02:40
Ernie440 Kind words my friend Julio, glad you like it bro!... thanks so much for that man!!! :D:D +1
Nice Big E...:D+1
February 16 2020 18:45:15
Ernie440 Kind thanks Michael! :D +0
:W :D Yeah, that's really great Ernie! SUPER track :W+1
February 16 2020 18:43:47
Ernie440 it's a bit whacked out my friend, lol, thanks Franky!! :D +1
WOW.. You are are Crazon on Fire my friend!!!!!! Doesn't your fingers blister after 3+ minutes??? So Good, Ernie!!!+1
February 16 2020 18:43:12
Ernie440 hehe .. thankfully I've learned not to injure myself over the years (hopefully) Thanks very much good amigo Dan! :D +0

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