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This isn't my template, but the ID got scrambled. Whoever is playing bass I apologize, but really liked playing with this one so posted it without giving you credit. Please step forward and claim what's yours!!!


Great paring...I like the way you play with the bass...great timing and sound :D+2
February 20 2020 22:38:59
Wade My favorite single instrument to play with is bass. Thanks Tu. So glad you like. +1

Everything sounds good, Wade :Y

I <3 your dynamics :o

My best claps to you and the mysterious bassist :D
February 20 2020 23:41:59
Wade Cheers magirtiko, very kind of you! +1
Cool interaction between two instruments, each doing their own thing yet also together in tandem, like a dance.+1
February 20 2020 22:40:55
Wade As replied to Tu, I love playing with just bass. I think it's the distance between the sopranino and bass with so much left between. The listener hears chords and other things that aren't really there. Much left to the listener's imagination. +1
This sounds fantastic together, really like that very much!! Great tight playing!! Killer :D :) <3+1
February 20 2020 22:41:32
Wade Thanks so much Franky. I especially like this one too. +1
Who is the mystery bass:):) great job Wade. :):)+1
February 20 2020 23:35:11
Wade Hey Fenzie, I wish I knew who it was so I could give them credit! Thanks for the listen and support. +1
Great job in duet! :)+1
February 20 2020 23:36:32
Wade Thanks Mario. I knew it wasn't you as we have played so much together and I know your style. But you also know how much I love playing with just bass. +1
It is certainly not easy to play in this context but you have the great ability to integrate your sound and phrasing with the bass as if it were a piece of a puzzle and the result is impressive.+1
February 20 2020 23:40:11
Wade I'm not sure how easy or difficult this was. I gravitate towards playing with bass as it gives me the groove, and potential chord structure. I really like having just the two voices at opposite ends of the frequency spectrum. The listener can use their imagination to fill in what's in-between. Thanks Stef! +1
Don't know who the bassist is but... this is very cool Wade, a nice combination! Interesting and groovy. :W+1
February 20 2020 23:41:35
Wade My favorite combo...just bass and sax. Wish I knew who it was playing bass. Do you recognize the style? Thanks Ernie. +1
February 22 2020 02:13:45
Ernie440 Can't put a name to that bass! Cool riffing tho for sure. +1
Magic Wade ! ;)+1
February 21 2020 00:09:06
Wade Thanks so much adu. Very kind of you to give a listen and comment. Will we see you in August at the jam? +1
February 21 2020 12:16:22
adu Yeah Wade i think so! looking forward to see you guys again. :) +1
A good conversation+1
February 20 2020 23:44:14
Wade Hey Ivanovitch! This is my favorite other instrument to play with/against. So glad if it comes out as a conversation...was the intention. Good ears! +1
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