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Going to work some more on this soon as my hearing recovers fully/ At the moment it keeps coming and going. More going than coming. All adds welcome only short but sweet.
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melodic guitar


Fantastic. I may have to give this a whirl.+1
February 24 2020 14:33:45
deezee Thank you. That would be awesome:D<3 +1
Cool your Guitar Template Dorothy <3;)+1
February 24 2020 14:33:12
deezee Thank you Charli<3<3 +1
Sweet tune Dorothy <3:D<3+1
February 24 2020 14:32:39
deezee Thank you Tu<3:P<3 +1
very cool:)+1
February 24 2020 14:32:13
Lenny Cowler
deezee Thank you<3 +0
Sweet sounding guitar Dorothy, nice template, hope your hearing gets better soon my talented friend :W<3<3+1
February 24 2020 14:31:46
deezee Thank you Gerry!!<3<3<3 got ear drops so hopefully my haring will be restored +1
Super guitar Dorothy :) <3
Hope it will be better soon :)
February 24 2020 14:30:45
deezee Thank you Franky:D<3;) Got some ear drops for them now. Soon be better hopefully. +0
Sounding good Dee:W<3+0
cool template Dorothy, great job :W+0
Hope your hearing wil recovery soon Nice sound;)+0
now this is really cute Ms Deee :) hope those drops do their work real quick :)+0

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