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Her eyes were the same colour as the sea in a postcard someone sends you when they love you, but not enough to stay... Thanks to the amazing musicians Alex and Tyros for this wonderful song.
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What a sound Rick...fabulous...elegant with so much soul...beautiful:W+3
February 27 2020 03:30:32
Acousticeg I just let your sax lead the way. :) +2
what a collab :)+3
Fantastic compliment to this beautiful track!+2
Magnifique! <3+2
Lovely playing from everybody, yet I've got to admit that it's a little too close to "smooth jazz" for my taste.+2
February 27 2020 20:08:53
Acousticeg And I admit I had to really restrain my self from over playing. As that would not have been the mood of the song. My intention was to compliment and echo what Alex was playing. Something that is harder to do on guitar than I though.I like to try everything. So now I can add smooth Jazz to the list. lol Thanks for listening my friend. +2
February 27 2020 21:55:57
Wade Occasionally I try playing Country Western, so understand what you're saying. A challenge, but you don't want to live there. +1
February 27 2020 22:27:32
Acousticeg Unfortunately I live in an area where Country music is what most are doing. I've tried it just to play. But like you said nice place to visit but don't want to live there. Not my cup of tea for sure. I've done the cover band thing. But I could never go back to that either. I wanted to find creative musicians who could come together to forge influences into something beyond our own individual capabilities. But have given up on that dream. The closes thing I have found is online collaborations. Wiki is the best place I've found to do that. Mostly because I feel I'm among real friends here. I would be proud to play with anyone who asked me to. But still there are definitely limitations artistically to this platform. Nothing can compare to being in a room with live musicians...:W +2
February 28 2020 00:15:41
Wade Boy do we have a lot in common! I'm in a very similar situation in New Zealand. Wikiloops is the only place I can find interesting music to play along with. I have played a lot live, but seldom anything I really wanted to play. There are jazz scenes, but they just want to play standards and try to impress each other with technical solos...not my thing. Then there's vocal based pop, not my thing either. And unfortunately C&W. If I want to play live I don't have a lot of choices. In Australia I play with a Gypsy Jazz band, which isn't really my thing either, but it's fun music with people getting up to dance. More recently I've started playing with DJs. It's live, but I'm the only person playing live with the Duf Duf stuff. It's a challenge, but not like having real person to person musical experiences. +1
March 05 2020 08:59:12
Acousticeg If we weren't living on other sides of the world, I'd be buggin you all the time to jam. lol:) +1
March 05 2020 21:56:06
Wade The tyranny of distance...but here we are and it beats never being able to play together. +1
March 06 2020 07:12:02
Acousticeg It surely does my friend. :) +1
Now even more musically amazing Rick, i love this music and your sentiment+2
super add .lovely compliment :D+2
isn't this a lovely song from a super lineup...thumbs from me :)+2
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