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Great drums from Wiseshanks and killer groove from Dirk:W Dragged out my pedal board for this, I'm going to be doing some live playing out with a band again and needed some practice with what is what..LOL The lead line was played straight through, switching pedals, effects, and stomping on the wah:W Good Fun...thanks for the jam guys:D


:D:D Yeah!!! fantastic Ron :W:W+1
February 28 2020 02:54:23
mortheol Gracias mi amgio Xavi:W:D +1
Oh yes. That is a prime jam! The whole thing is too good to pick single moments! It's all killer, all the sounds, tones, licks, you brought it all baby.B)+1
February 28 2020 03:05:28
mortheol Thanks very much Dirk:W
I love the drums on this one...good choice;)
You got into a solid groove, deep in that pocket...just makes it so easy for me to let loose and find my way back to the groove. Well done..rock solid Bro:W:W
I love these kind of jams:D:D
February 28 2020 03:08:50
DirkL 1:03 Master Mort. I believe this is the part where you went down in there and just calmly styled for a mini-breakdown in there. In other words, you laid back and held back as the bassline simplified down into those single A notes for a while. Very nice! +1
February 28 2020 03:14:31
mortheol Bingo, I am still trying to disciple to let it "breath" not fill ever second with a note.
Sometimes I try and sneak a note into between your bass notes. Around the 1:50 section I tried to play kind of out of phase with your bass line. Kind of call and repeat thing.
February 28 2020 03:20:34
DirkL Energy release/climax identified. You started signaling for it at 2:27. This section here left me wanting it to keep going, but then the jam ends. That's the danger of 3 minute drums, sometimes it takes 3 minutes to properly develop into that climax this case the ending sort of came too early. I wanted it to last forever. +1
February 28 2020 03:27:38
mortheol Climax identified :|:o...LOL
Yeah I hear ya'...I was just getting in the swing and thinking what to do next and it was over.
We'll jam some longer ones:W
February 28 2020 03:28:49
DirkL Yup for sure. I'll hit some 5 minute drums this week. +1
February 29 2020 02:13:03
mortheol Easy with those fantastic drums and bass:W +0
woow:ofantastico ron:W+1
February 29 2020 02:12:39
mortheol Thanks very much Julio:W +0
Awesome sound Ron:D:D great band:D+1
February 29 2020 02:12:23
mortheol Thanks Dave, I agree great band:W
Especially that wickedly good guitar player..LOL:P
Fantastic jam my friend, I love the sound of your guitar :D:W+1
February 29 2020 02:11:36
mortheol Thanks Hugo:W +1
awesome Ron!!+1
March 02 2020 00:16:10
Major 3rd
mortheol Thanks Craig, always good to see ya':W +0

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