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What a beautiful track! of course i am itching in my fingers, of course i take one of my NAF and try, then i take a second NAF, also this one fits at the end a little bit transvers flute...i know, a lot of flutes :) i hope you like it anyway... Thanks a lot "ARNOSOLO" for this wonderful trip


Awesome emotional journey with the fantastic flute sounds!:)<3 Excellent jam Peter!:D!:W+1
February 29 2020 18:14:50
Pewi Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it! +1
very beautiful flute(s) lines!!! nice work Peter!!! :W:W:);) a perfect fit my friend, for me it's not easy to follow the beautiful Arnosolo guitar progression!!! :W+1
February 29 2020 18:17:02
Pewi Thank you very much, I am very happy about your motivating words:) +1
Beautiful has lots of feeling. :)+1
February 29 2020 18:17:16
Pewi Thanks a lot for that:) +0
große Klasse Peter... deine Flöten lächeln wircklich:W<3:W+1
February 29 2020 18:17:35
Pewi Vielen Dank, freue mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt:) +1
Beautiful arrangement of all your flutes with Beautiful harmonies and your lead is an inspiring melodic expressiveness joined by your other flutes harmonies and counterpoint that heightens the emotional impact!!!! I wish I cut tae this a MILLION thumbs up!!!! Excellent, Peter!!!+1
February 29 2020 18:16:24
Pewi Thanks a lot!:) Even if the intonation of the NAF is sometimes a bit on the borderline, this sound has something very charming :) +0
wunderschönes ad Peter :)+1
March 01 2020 00:22:20
Pewi Vielen Dank René:) +0
Wow, just gorgeous! Really love this flute sound against the guitar! Very lovely <3<3 pure emotion+1
March 01 2020 14:13:00
Pewi thank you very much for your motivating words:) +0
a fantastic flute playing Peter.;)+1
March 01 2020 22:52:21
Pewi Thanks a lot🤝😎 +1
ohhh ! What a fantastic jam with you my friend ! Thx so much <3+1
March 03 2020 10:59:22
Pewi it's always fantastic to make music with you:) +1
Wonderful! That flute between your fingers is truly magical! :)+1
March 03 2020 11:00:07
Pewi Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it :) +0
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