You're The One Take Me Higher

United States
Vocals, Keys & Bass:
BigDaddyCee91 jams
CameAndWent4-2095 jams
step II
Drums & Percussion:
PJE1108 jams

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+ 11
A little drums and percussion support for this glorious music Alex already took this higher with a less than 20 seconds genius solo! Thanks for listening


I think your playing just gets more and more in the pocket man!+3
March 05 2020 03:59:45
PJE That’s Very Special, coming from The Man!
Thank you for all your magical inspiration BDCee
March 06 2020 06:23:13
jussef63 that is 100% correct +1
March 06 2020 22:37:45
PJE :) +1
Drumming on fire!! great job and great HQ tracks ;) (playlisted the HQ...)+2
March 05 2020 01:15:53
PJE Really Great to hear thanks so much Mario amigo:W:D +2
March 05 2020 01:18:03
GlezBass In these days I investigate a groove with its HQ track drums I think it's really good, with song structure and without the coldness of the automated rhythms, an excellent drums track ;) +2
March 05 2020 01:26:45
PJE Thank you for your thoughts which a very special to me......I hope to get the feel of emotion across amigo and I like and admire the way you always think so musically Mario, it’s about time we had some more Latin jams together with some of your beautiful music:) +1
Very nice !:)+1
March 07 2020 08:46:34
PJE Thanks so much Ink:) +0
Cool add Peter:W+1
March 05 2020 04:00:37
PJE What a great play from you again, thanks Alex:W +1
Freaking awesome Peter, very good Drums+1
March 07 2020 10:40:17
PJE Thanks so much amigo, really appreciated :) +1
super:) cool:)+0
Great drumming Peter !!
Very good music ! :W :D
Sounds great! Like the mix of drum sounds, it really gives the track some bounce.+0
Wow! Impressive playing :D:W:D+0
Excellent high hat work that makes this sizzle.+0

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