White Pyramid w/Fretless Guitar

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acoustic Guitar:
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My lead guitar jam with HQ guitar track free room and free edition for your solos or ideas! I used various guitar sounds effects on my MultiStomp bass processor Zoom B1 four: - from 00:5 to 1:00 fretless Jaco effect - from 2:20 to 2:4o like Metheny like sound trimming trebles - from 2:40 to end with more EQ treble and Reverb GUITAR: Harley Benton w/ nylon Labella Strings


So beautiful Mario ,you tell us a beautiful story<3+3
March 08 2020 19:29:12
GlezBass Thanks so much Marc! I used the bass pedalboard Zoom with the guitar and You get interesting sounds for a small price! I recommend the Zoom B1four! +1
Que hermoso Mario, uff me gusta bastante, buen trabajo+2
March 09 2020 07:48:33
GlezBass Muchas gracias mi amigo!! el sonido Metheny de algunas notas nos gusta a todos!! (solo algunas notas jajajaja...) +1
Que pasada Mario! Estás arriba! Super bonito <3+1
March 08 2020 20:08:54
GlezBass loop+linea solista, todo grabado con la pedalera de 66€ y una guitarra de 100€ jajaja, pero el precio no es lo interesante, si no las ideas musicales...gracias por el feedback! ;) +0
March 08 2020 20:15:16
GlezBass tiene zonas libres de solista... jeje ;) +1
March 08 2020 20:23:23
Andri Que buen sonido Mario! Eres un crack! +1
There's a different sound :):W+1
March 09 2020 01:05:08
GlezBass Yess new sounds... :) +0
The effect sounds almost like steel drums in the first section. Very lovely melodic lines to go with your beautiful template.+1
March 09 2020 01:04:49
GlezBass Sound like a steel drums perhaps, the second and third tone is the classic nylon guitar! +1
Mario this is really gorgeous, I have tried to add some understated percs but cant get the feel as perferct I will try to play some more.... but wanted you to know how much this is beautiful amigo<3:W+1
March 09 2020 14:45:45
GlezBass I appreciate your effort Peter !! Note that the beat is not metronomic, but it is around 67 bpm ;) +1
March 09 2020 14:46:35
PJE :) +1
Fantastic guitar template friend ;)<3+1
March 09 2020 14:44:37
GlezBass Many thanks Charli!! +0
Cool sounds and playin Mario :)
is it a real fretless guitar for solos ?
March 09 2020 18:46:24
GlezBass No. The fretless guitar is only the effect sound ;) Although I play fretless bass it must be very complicated to play a fretless guitar !!! +1
March 09 2020 19:39:04
Filo974 :D you will have to play it one day... and you’ll see that it’s not that complicated to play fretless bass ! :) +1
que buena melodía!!+1
March 20 2020 00:45:25
GlezBass gracias amigo! +1
WOW... You are so very talented, Mario!!! This is Gorgeous!!!! Excellent my friend!!!+1
March 22 2020 17:27:02
GlezBass Thanks Dan! +0
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