Made For Wade

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Reminds me much of Patrick O'Hearn and something in the title called out to me to dedicate this to somebody special who supports us all and me especially well with his thoughtful delightful playing, marvelous consistent support and direct honest comments - might not always entirely agree but there is no denying his candour and I for one admire it :)...... Thank you my friend sincerely, and look forward to our future musical journies that I value so much.


I very much like the beats :)+1
March 09 2020 22:14:02
PJE I very pleased you do, great music and great fun:)thank you +1
This is great Peter! :)+0
what a great combination here, each complimenting the other so well, I really like this piece. :)+0
Wade Wade as cool as suede....glad he is a friend I made! <3 lovely dedication!!<3+0
A great boost to the atmosphere with your drums and percussion support Peter! :)+0
Perfect Peter!! better the good template! ;)+0
well done add Peter.;)+0
well this works real well :) cool adds here Peter, you add a nice dynamic :)+0
What can I say?...Best to just talk about the music. Open, spacious, grand and a wonderful feeling of embracing the world. The drumming/percussion is excellent as it ties this down and keeps it from "floating off". The rhythm that begins this piece gives the feeling of being on a journey. What's so smart about it is that it works all the way through to the climax.

Thanks Peter. Very kind dedication that will keep my pacemaker and mobility vehicle charged for a month...or more! (I'm old, but don't actually have get the idea).
great track - wonderful percussion sounds and groove :)+0
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