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In this difficult moment, especially in Italy, music is always by our side and never makes us feel alone. Playing this splendid bossa by Franco, together with Franco, is a desire and hope in better times. I added the Rhodes Plan. Grazie Franco e thanks for listening.


You are in my thoughts Stefano. Music for me is always the cure. You brighten my day with your music. <3<3<3+3
March 10 2020 19:55:43
Stef Dear Tu! Thank you so much for your beautiful words! <3 +1
Awesome Stefano :D+2
March 10 2020 19:55:09
Stef Thank you so much Gary! Thanks again for your beautiful remix! :) +1
Way to swing dear Stef-music will lift the heart even in the darkest of times my friend-keep playin' buddy. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers my friend. <3<3
March 10 2020 19:56:47
Stef Thank you so much my dear friend Keith! :) +0
got to dance along to this one Frankie and Stef:)+2
March 10 2020 19:57:07
Stef Thank you so much Shi! :) +1
Living now in the red zone (Lombardia) and having learned at this time that the prime minister will make all regions red zone (so we will be on the same boat dear friend) your collaboration takes on the true meaning of friendship. Respect!+2
March 10 2020 19:58:53
Stef We are together in music and friendship Franco especially now in this dark moment for all of us! Thank you! +0
Thinking of you dear Stef, i am praying all will be well soon for your beautiful land and special people.....I plan a very special visit to Italy next year<3:W+2
March 10 2020 20:00:12
Stef Thank you so much Peter! I hope you will visit Rome! :) +0
Kicking some butt here <3+1
March 10 2020 19:54:40
Stef Thank you so much Solozolo! :) +0
wow what a cool duo and fantastic playing Stef.;)+1
March 10 2020 19:56:58
Stef Thank you so much Nils! :) +1
Yesss, I think I will repeat my comment, but why not: It's great fun to listen here!:Y:)+1
March 10 2020 20:00:36
Stef Thank you so much Peter! :) +0
Beautiful fit between you two on this. Such a fine dialogue. It's like a married couple who finish each others sentences. Great use of bends and your fine technique being put to maximum benefit.+1
March 10 2020 20:01:39
Stef Thank you so much Wade! Simply love your remix!! +1

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