Italian Quarantine Blues

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Drums from long gone Mr Adam and our wonderful Stef on Keys. Sopranino added. Thinking about all our friends in Italy and what they are going through. You're not alone and we're all likely to be in the same position soon. Keep well!


Wow! Dont recall hearing you play this bluesy before.
Nice one Wade:)

Its in my state now. Few miles down the road.
March 11 2020 20:59:39
Wade Thanks for checking this out Frankie. Hopefully you will keep well. I doubt that it can be contained at this stage. +1
Wow that sax sounds awesome Wade.:o Love this:W<3:W Its so sad.:| happening all over the world I'm scared to even go shops. We have had a few cases stones throw from where I live practically.:|+1
March 10 2020 10:42:38
Wade Yes, it's just a matter of time most likely. Keep a positive attitude and keep healthy! Glad you like the track though. Thanks deezee. +1
March 10 2020 10:55:42
deezee Yeah that's all we can do keep positive. Stay safe also Wade +1
March 10 2020 12:57:06
Wade Going to be some difficult times for me as I travel a lot. Jumping on the big bird tomorrow to go back to New Zealand. Four more International trips this year in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. Going to be difficult! +1
March 13 2020 00:19:59
deezee Stay safe and good luck Wade<3 +1
Nice blues Wade. Sopranino sings.+1
March 10 2020 12:58:18
Wade Thanks so much Rob. I'll be bringing the sopranino with me to Steinfeld again. Hopefully we can have some play time together. +2
March 10 2020 14:02:58
ROBJOL Surely Wade. Very interesting perspective.

Let's just hope that this damn virus will be tamed.
I love the sound of that sopranino and the finesse of your lines.+1
March 10 2020 12:58:39
Wade So kind of you Andri. Thanks so much! +1
You don't just play the sax, you make it sing! It's like an extension of you. Wonderful track, you work so well with Stef. Timely title too :)+1
March 10 2020 12:59:48
Wade The best compliment one could give. It's what I aim make the instrument sing. Thanks so much! +1
That's a perfect sax playing here! Extraordinary, a fantastic blues!
The Spranino squeezes and moans and cries that it is a real delight.
A rather sad and current topic. When you see the ugly videos of fighting women on the internet you wonder quo vadis?
March 10 2020 13:00:57
Wade Yes, sad times...all we can do is play our music and let it all pass. Thanks for the listen and comment Franky. +1
March 10 2020 13:04:19
frankyguitar Right :) +1
A fine track and addition my friend :D+1
March 10 2020 13:01:49
Wade So good of you to check it out axenvocs. Thanks so much. +1
Perfect singing complaint, this sopranino is very warm in the low notes as well, very nice breathing in this trio, everyone is in his own seat, having the same drink :)+1
March 10 2020 13:03:06
Wade Thanks Chris. Very kind of you to check it out and comment. It felt good when playing it. So glad it comes across as OK. +0
A smokey room,a couple dirty dancing.You take it from there. :Y B)+1
March 10 2020 13:06:57
Wade Hey Michael. Good to have you around. Glad you're getting a story-line to go with the music. Always a good sign when it seems to tell a story.

wow thats some awesome playing Wade.;)+1
March 10 2020 13:32:54
Wade Thanks Nils! Sometimes you just got to let the little bugger go wherever it wants. +1

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