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For the first time I play with Bitwig samples. The fun is great for me. Still, I hope you can hear it. Thank you Dorothy for this opportunity.


Cool Sound and cool your sequence line friend ;) grossartig :Y<3:W+2
March 14 2020 14:05:35
abuitremorem Danke Charli, ich habe noch zu lernen, aber es macht Spass +1
awesome adds Rene! love it..:)+2
March 14 2020 15:27:18
Major 3rd
abuitremorem Thanks Craig. I have changed the DAW and now have to read 200 pages, when I am finished it may get better. What is new for me is that you can even play "live" +0
fun stuff! cool listen to this! great Rene!!! :W:)+2
March 14 2020 15:28:17
abuitremorem Thanks Joao - I'm entering unknown territory here:) +1
Da steck ziemlich sicher viel Arbeit dahinter. Kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie man so etwas hinkriegt:| Macht aber grossen Spass zu zuhören und regt die Fantasie an:)+2
March 14 2020 18:30:45
abuitremorem Mein Handbuch hat 500 Seiten, ich bin etwa bei 140 :D. Das Vergnügen liegt darin, auf der einen Spur wie hier, das Grundtemplate zu haben. Dieses läuft, und Du kannst gleichzeitig waves abspielen und schauen, wie sie passen. Ausprobieren.:D +1
March 14 2020 18:36:23
Pewi Klingt grossartig:D:) +0
Awe thank you Rene. I have to wait until the 19th Drs Appointment to get them syringed. I can hear this just fine turned up. Sounds really quirky and fun. Fantastic add. I love it:o<3:W:Y:Y+2
March 14 2020 21:36:13
abuitremorem <3<3Well, the 19th is soon. This is where I worked with samples for the first time. Until today I could not imagine that you can play live with samples, but ableton or bitwig can do a lot :) +0
Sounds wonderful and a beautiful sentiment abu:W:W:)+1
March 14 2020 21:38:02
abuitremorem Thanks PJE - I definitely have a lot to learn. Great what you can do today :) +1
This makes me happy. In my mind I see a funny animation film where two people are arguing.+1
March 14 2020 21:39:07
abuitremorem Thanks Evert, that was my first try with samples. I still have to learn a lot :) +0
wow thats a cool add Rene.;)+1
March 15 2020 14:01:43
abuitremorem Thank you Nils :) +1
WOW..... I am always so impressed with you consistent creativity!!!!! Amazing!!! Excellent, Rene!!+1
March 15 2020 22:12:00
abuitremorem Thank you Dan :) I read my Daw's manual. I'm on page 160 and it still has 340 pages:) +0
Hit the button !!
March 16 2020 02:35:08
abuitremorem Thank you José<3:D +0

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