Firstborn Smiling

Keys & Drums:
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WhiteDrum55760 jams
Shi392 jams
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Percussion & Bass:
LittleWing291 jams
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Congrats Dick and Family. Thank you Shi, Marc, WD and Olive. Thanks for listening!


cool add :) i seem to be missing the low end on the green parts ? Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing !+1
March 15 2020 16:13:26
LittleWing Thank you Olive. Im playing chords in the upper register but yes the bass drops . I am completely off since I went to "Hackintosh" for a studio PC. Im running OSX now and high end audio motherboard and new Yamaha monitors so dialing things and I notice the extremity just going up fretboard. Actually really appreciate that comment, it helps greatly.Yes I had fun! +1
a nice surprise to hear you on this one LW :) cool bass and percs you added+1
March 15 2020 16:15:12
LittleWing Thank you Shi and what a great caring gesture from you. +1
nice bass with Joe and good light pecussion .. I like it very much<3:W+1
March 15 2020 16:16:34
LittleWing Thank you so much Rolf! +1
Cool add LW! Did you record the maracas? They have a nice real texture :W+1
March 15 2020 16:22:57
LittleWing No sir, digital fakery. Used an Akai Fingerpad MPD218 and EZ Drummer "Latin Percussion" Its all fingertapped.Its a great setup for adding supplemental pecussion especially for you..someone who actually has rhythm. If you time it right during a sale, you can get the toontrack software both EZ Drum and its add on for less then $100. The Akai is all over Ebay as low as $40 for an open box item. Otherwise if you have digital dont need the pad.[youtube]iR0gJSpFz9c[/youtube] +1
March 15 2020 16:25:32
LittleWing Freaking LOVED your drums on this. Wish I wasnt sloppy with the timing but new studio setup is alot of work. +1
March 15 2020 16:49:35
WhiteDrum55 It sounds pretty realistic! B) +1
smooth riding LittleWing! :)+1
March 15 2020 23:47:45
LittleWing Great track, Marc! thank you! +1
Very Cool my friend :W+1
March 17 2020 01:53:30
LittleWing Thank you my friend. +1
Hey so nice to listen to you playing bass, it is very well done, you need to high light those high register chords, sounds super interesting+1
March 17 2020 10:48:35
LittleWing Thanks! I recently ditched windows and running Mac OSX now. Using all new VST effects and have yamaha monitors on top of that and the difference is huge.So still dialing in. I can hear everything crystal clear so the feedback helps tremendously. Thank you, Jussef! I appreciate you letting me know. Its invalueable to me right now.Hope all is well! +1
Nice music, nice voice too ! I love it+0
Your Bas is on "FIRE"!!!!! Very hot bass playing with end edgy flowing vibe!!!!! Excellent, Joe!!!!!+0
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