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Strange things going on in the world at the moment. No students in class tomorrow.... briefing about online teaching for the next weeks..... Hope everyone is doing fine and will still be here when this crisis is over... greetings to you all and take care! Marc


Cool add Marc! :D Wikiloops play buttons seems broken. I downloaded to hear it B)+3
March 15 2020 21:25:20
Marceys Hmm, maybe a virus? It plays for me! :) +1
it plays for me :) real groovy sounds Marc and the same to you too :)+2
March 15 2020 21:25:50
Marceys Thanks Shi, all the best to you! Take care! +1
:D fantastic Marc, Take care,amigo <3<3+2
March 16 2020 16:45:09
Marceys You too, be careful out there! <3 +1
Fantastic Your Keys line friend ;)great job <3:Y;)+2
March 16 2020 16:45:44
Marceys Thanks a lot Charli, take care! :) +1
A cool carefree tune that defies what's happening...a good thing to be doing!+2
March 16 2020 16:47:56
Marceys Very strange thing to be on the streets going to my school.... empty streets.... empty school.... hope this will be over soon, but i'm afraid we are not even half way there..... :) <3 +1
March 16 2020 20:24:04
Wade In the oddest of ways this could be a good lesson to learn, but not for those who get sick (obviously). Life has been flowing along without acknowledgement of our place in the natural world. We take for granted that water comes from the tap and food from a grocery store...but those are not real sources, they are delivery systems, which can fail. We live in a very intertwined world where failure of one system can have massive effects on many. We are very far from being a part of the natural world, and yet we can't escape it. Diseases that can have this sort of effect are a wake up call. There is little/no resilience built into our society. +1
March 16 2020 21:29:41
Marceys Wise words and very true! Hope we will learn a lesson from this... let's see first to get through it without to much loss...... +1
love it! sounds great...super vibe:D+2
March 16 2020 21:29:59
Major 3rd
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoyed the ride! :) +0
Plays great for me and cool too:W+1
March 16 2020 21:30:18
Marceys That's great Peter and glad you like it! :) +1
Great work, one of the best ways to deal with isolation is making music for sure. I too hope everyone is ok+0
Another great track nice mix of Rhodes and analog synth. Kind of retro with a perfect mix. B)+0
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