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Hi guys. Seeing as how a lot of people are feeling the effects of Coronavirus, I just wanted to make a Little track that is hopefully uplifting. Hope you enjoy.


your wonderful playing is as usual the sign of a well born soul ! thanks for sharing your musicality :)+1
March 17 2020 13:43:25
PJE Wonderful, encouraging words you write OliV<3 +1
I like every bit of your chosen harmonics and super tasteful tempo in play, so encouraging!+1
Very nice composition.+1
Awesome :W+1
Beautifully uplifting, composed and performed, thank you and Stay Safe also<3:)+0
Lovely message and nice to be introduced to your beautiful music <3+0
Wonderful keys and message! :)+0
a very special piece from you Zach...lovely :)+0
Amazing ZB!:)+0

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