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For everyone much strength and hope in this new time
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Ah...... You Glorious improv!!!!! Makes my day!!!! Excellent, Eric!!!!+1
Very cool Eric! :)+0
March 22 2020 12:44:12
ericblom Thanks Mark, you can make it cooler::W
Are you doing well, you and your people. Much love and strength<3
March 22 2020 16:06:24
WhiteDrum55 We are getting through it. A couple of mild and plenty of fluids. B) :) +0
March 22 2020 16:36:51
ericblom :W<3 +1
Hey Eric! This is some awesome playing! How do you play this? With a clicktrack or on a harmonic instrument? Or just clean.... very good!

Hoop dat het goed gaat bij jou.... vreemde situatie waar we allen in verkeren momenteel! <3
March 22 2020 12:19:11
ericblom Thanks so much Marc; this is clean work😊.
Dank voor je steunende woorden. Een vreemde tijd met andere perspectieven en mogelijkheden. Heel mooi om elkaar in de Wikiloop omgeving te mogen ontmoeten. Al het goede Marc❤️
Wonderful and I celebrate with you the changes that had to come, love and strength to you Eric<3:W+0
March 24 2020 20:21:59
ericblom Thanks so much, you said it right! +1
it's very nice! great sound!! :W:)+0
I am always so in a restful peaceful state of mind as I listen to you build Beautiful improv themes on your opening melody!!!! I am so grateful you share your music that allows many of us to be inspired by your music to also develop various on your themes. You lay down JAZZ that is a Lifeline to a guy like me!!!! Excellent, Eric!!!!+0
April 18 2020 16:41:48
ericblom Thank you so much for your words, my friend. I like to share my music with you<3 +0
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