We Will Survive

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Ernie4402927 jams
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Although I can still hear so much good music, I could not resist to join in here :) Thanks for the relaxing moments with you:) "Dafunkydrummer", "Stef", "FrankieJ" and "Ernie440"


Wow! Having Frankie, Ernie and you, Peter, on this piece of mine gives me so much joy and we really need it now. Wonderful Peter, stunning flute and sax especially in that crossed phrasing .... goose bumps. Yes, we have to survive for us, for the people that we love and love us and .... for the music. <3+5
March 21 2020 18:12:00
Pewi Yes my friend, indeed, it is also for me a highlight to make music together with such musicians, a ray of sunshine at this time:) +2
I needed this today!!!!! So Beautiful, Peter!!!!! So many reason to feel down but your playing makes me smile and yes, I know we will survive!!!Makes you realize how precious life is!!!!! You play from your heart "singing" beautiful melodies!!!!! Excellent, Peter When your flute joins you sax, I had tears in my eyes, So Beautiful!!!!!!! This is an Epic performance my friend!!!!+2
March 22 2020 00:05:38
Pewi Hi Dan, thank you so much for this wonderful compliment!:) +0
Ah - die Sonne geht auf, abends um kurz vor sechs :) Danke Peter :)+1
March 21 2020 18:09:47
Pewi Ein schönes Kompliment, vielen Dank:) +1
Wonderful sweet take Peter. I love your phrasing and the crossing of the two instruments !+1
March 21 2020 18:13:24
Pewi Thank you for your faithfulness and your always encouraging words:) +1
Klasse Spiel Peter! Und tolle Aufnahme alle zusammen. :)+1
March 21 2020 18:14:19
Pewi Vielen Dank Adu, schön dass Du hier zugehört hast:):) +1
March 21 2020 18:22:36
adu Sehr schön Peter :) +1
wunderschön Peter, auch das Zusammenspiel :)+1
March 22 2020 00:02:46
Pewi Vielen Dank René! Bei Dir alles soweit gut? +1
March 22 2020 04:34:03
abuitremorem Danke Peter, bis jetzt scheint es ok. Aber die allgemeine Stimmung drückt schon. Wie geht es bei Dir? +0
Fantastic my friend I enjoyed this great band+1
March 22 2020 00:03:50
Pewi Thanks you so much for that!I feel so privileged to be a part of this:):) +1
Wow that was top notch playing...incredible <3+1
March 22 2020 00:06:16
Pewi Thank you very much, I'm really pleased that you like it! +1
March 22 2020 00:06:28
Pewi :)<3:) +1
April 28 2020 23:11:54
AKchen oh Pewi, da kann ich sowas von eintauchen <3 +0
Beautiful Peter!! Thanks so much for joining my friend, sounds very nice !! :);)<3:W+1
March 22 2020 00:16:01
Pewi I just counted, we have already made 74!! times music together;)and every time it was a great joy and honour for me my friend:D:) +1
March 22 2020 15:17:50
Ernie440 74!! Same here my friend, thank U for all the pleasant jams Peter! :);) +1

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