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Hello Dear Wikiloopers, Here's a composition that needs drums, bass and any things you want to add. ^^ Heavy chords are made with my celtic harp and various Marshall amps. Medium chords too. This is my voice yelling on the chorus, sorry for your delicate ears. I needed to yell in my mic today. (Drums pattern in HD file as a guide) Have a nice day my friends. Agnès
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celtic harp


That's Incredible and creative I love it <3 :W+2
Génial !!! <3<3+2
Wow, les 20 premières secondes c’est quoi ce son, stade de France ? Mais non plutôt Alien... puis la la voix, la harpe, bien mené tout ça
Tu maitrises bien les climats, les émotions que tu veux faire passer ... bravo ;)
March 21 2020 23:05:52
Caroljoyce Alien's music... This is a sound that I chose while thinking of that indeed !!
I did it thanks to Alchemy, a tool associated with a sound bank in Logic ProX (my DAW). The VST is called "Dark Whispers." :)
Thanks for your kind words.
March 21 2020 23:14:09
Jypeka yes or VST: clamor 80,000 people :o +1
March 21 2020 23:26:33
Caroljoyce hahaha :) +0
:) <3+2
Great title, great track. Love this heavy direction you have taken. I totally understand your need to yell - hope you are keeping sane and well!+2
March 22 2020 20:51:02
Caroljoyce I am so, Dan. Thank you.
Hope the same to you.
amazing track.+2
March 22 2020 23:57:36
Evilvince Can't wait to listen to you add my friend. +2
March 23 2020 00:06:12
Caroljoyce Oooh Thank you Frank ! +1
So wonderful and dramatic <3<3+1
Excellent song my dear Agnès, as always you nailed it :) <3+1
March 21 2020 22:02:13
Caroljoyce I need a drummer, and I need you too, please.:D +1
March 21 2020 22:20:50
Evilvince You always need a bass player dearest 😊 <3 +1
Amazing !+1
WOW, what a fantastic job! Thanks so much for your music!+1
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