The Lancashire Witches (- violins)

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Here's an idea of the final track with drums. I withdrew the violins so that Sir Jypeka et Sir Erwan could have a clean track. ^^ Have a nice day my Friend. And take care of yourself. Thank for helping me to finish this work. ;)
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celtic harp


Great song my dearest, as always I will some growls on this track :) <3+2
so cool :)+1
Another cool track, Agnes! I was actually born very near Pendle Hill in Lancashire, which was the epicentre of the Lancashire Witches. My mother was a teach who taught a descendant of Alice Nutter! You've got that eerie atmosphere perfectly down.+1
March 23 2020 19:14:22
Caroljoyce oooh amazing. So strange this coincidence that you know very well this area. :)
Thanks for listening Dan.
Nicly done:D+1
One again sounding very good and very generous to leave space for those other wonderful players.+1
March 23 2020 21:56:28
Caroljoyce Thank you Wade. Yes, you're right, I thought of a part with strings, but this could be done with a flute or a saxo or any other instruments... Of course, everybody is welcome. :D +1
<3<3 the title speaks to my genes: until 1950, judgments continued in the Finistère. For illegal practice of medicine and the greater satisfaction of black priests, many women have been sentenced to prison for healing others with plants. This track talks to me a lot+1
Alloharpe! joli ça ! euh t'as pas le#185262 sans les violons (juste template et percus) ...siouplé ?+1
March 24 2020 12:09:30
Caroljoyce Ok je te fais ça ;) +0
March 24 2020 15:21:08
Caroljoyce C'est fait JP : envoyé dans ton mail ! :D +0
Brilliant composition, Bravo :W:o+1
March 25 2020 19:19:35
Caroljoyce Thank you very much. Welcome here in my Celtic dreamland. ;) +1
Love this one<3...I am in;)+1
March 25 2020 23:42:11
Caroljoyce aaaah ! yes yes yes ! :D +0
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