I Must Be Dreaming

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This is a remix of a collab from 2015 Jam #45283
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I must be dreaming

I dreamed I touched the sky of blue
I dreamed I was alone with you
the night so divine
and love was blooming

though dreams so seldom come true
a woman so beautiful like you
to touch my heart
would surely be dreaming

when I'm alone late at night
I close my eyes and take that flight
dreaming is the way
I capture you

your kisses take me to a new height
of ecstasy and burning light
I would do anything to make
this dream come true

Gomer LePoet...
a cool song with a rock kind of edge to it Dave, nice work :)+2
March 25 2020 17:29:22
Davnel99 Thank you so much Ms Shi - I'm still trying to change this tune - stretching it out and adding some guitar lead, but it is complicated moving pieces around. :) +0
cool song :)+1
March 25 2020 17:30:25
Davnel99 Thanks man, I appreciate your thoughts- stay safe :) +1
Very good:W+1
March 25 2020 17:29:51
Davnel99 Thank you so much. Stay safe :) +0
fantastic Dave :W+1
March 25 2020 17:27:54
Davnel99 Thanks so much Javi - stay safe my amigo :) +1
yeah very cool Dave!:D:Y+1
March 26 2020 05:22:53
Davnel99 Thanks Claudia - I trust you are well? take care my friend :) +0

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