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Just fooling around with a kind of an "Irish" Samba, seeing as everyone has a little more time these days maybe its ok for somebody jam with and/or add to:) Thanks for listening


now this is an interesting combination Peter...a kind of bright Irish Dance with a warm latin twist....nice one :)+0
Sounds really good peter!!:W<3+0
Wowww a diamond in the rough! :W+0
wow thats some awesome drumming Peter.;)+0
:Y:Y:Y AzĂșcar!!!!! Fantastico Peter :D+0
I like nice bro+0
Definitely on the watchlist!+0
Now that is a combo I'd never imagined, but it gives you a great opportunity to show your rhythmic skills, so I'm not complaining!+0
Wow - when I hear that, I see a dance on a stage. Excellent!<3:W+0
Fantastic Peter!! :)+0

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