Bass Clarinet Session

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Raw material! Be creative! :-)


I tried downloading this, but everytime I do it becomes this out of time strangeness. Thanks though+0
March 23 2020 22:01:56
Selma On my mobile phone the download works. If the problem persists, perhaps you could contact the support? +0
March 27 2020 21:22:53
Shi I have downloaded the track with no problem and it plays fine for me +0
nice sound :)+0
cool sound on this - well done :)+0
super Idee!<3+0
Excellent template. Nice work Selma.+0
nice sound+0
Very nice clarinet sound. Great job:W+0
Excellent material

Good to hear the bass claristick sound
Yesss, was ein grossartiger Klang!! Da juck es mich in den Fingern:);)+0
Love you playing here!!! I love the bass clarinet!!!! Nice breathy tone!!!!!+0

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